Everyone already knows that Bollywood is not known for its content or adding any value to the society. 

Sure there might be some exceptions, however, for the most part the Hindi cinema industry is all about big names, short clothes, and spending money like its plastic (since its available so much around us). 

After seeing the trailer of Pati, Patni Aur Woh starring Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar, and Ananya Panday that thought has been cemented for the 100th time in my mind. 

To be honest, I was actually thinking it might offer the plot in a new way, but nope. In fact, it might be even worse than ever. 

Is Marital Rape A Joke?

One of the biggest things that jumped out to me was this line in the trailer:

“Biwi se sex maang lein, toh hum bhikaari

Biwi ko sex mana kar dein, toh hum atyachaari

Aur kisi tarah jugaad laga ke usse sex haasil kar lein na

Toh balaatkaari bhi hum hain.”

Basically, Aaryan’s character of Chintu Tyagi is doing another monologue where one of the lines is him cribbing about sexual relations with his wife. 

First, can Kartik Aaryan just stop with his monologues in practically every movie he is in? It was good for that first Pyaar Ka Punchnama movie, but after that it has just gotten redundant.

In this scene his character says how if the husband asks for sex he is a beggar, if he denies sex to his wife then he is cruel and if he somehow gets sex by tricking his wife then he is called a rapist. 

Now, I’ve heard quite a lot of sexist and vulgar jokes in Bollywood movies, even related to rape, but does this movie really have a marital rape joke?

Are you kidding me?!

In a time when married women and even some men are not able to take legal action, since India still does not recognise marital rape as crime, this is just downright gross and offensive. 

Some people on Twitter have also called out this stupidity:


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Rajpal Yadav Did It Better

Frankly, this trailer just looks more like a remake of Biwi No.1 than the 1978 version it is said to be adapted from. 

At least Biwi No.1 still had some good moments in it but this one just looks like someone took every Kapil Sharma joke and combined it into one movie. 

Also there is something to be said for this movie’s plot that somehow worked in the 70s since till that time, such a trope had not been explored as much. 

The whole cheating husband and juggling two women in his life was still okay in that time. But after that, there have been numerous movies made on this exact same plot, and it is no longer unique. 

In fact, Rajpal Yadav’s 2005 movie Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh explored marital relations and such topics much better. 

The movie, starring Yadav, Rituparna Sengupta and Kay Kay Menon dealt with Yadav’s character who was a short and fairly average looking man getting married to a woman who was considered really beautiful as per society standards. 

The movie followed how he tried to rise above the mindset of how far out of his league his wife was and gender roles being forced on him again and again. 

There were some scenes like one where Yadav got insoles or heels put in his shoes to appear at least the same height as his wife or how he had his scooter’s seat inflated a lot so that while driving he could appear taller to his wife which really stuck with me. 

These are such common things, but you actually realise how often the whole concept of man being taller and broader to his wife is enforced on us. 

His insecurities eventually lead him to suspect his wife having an affair with their handsome neighbour, driving a wedge between their relationship. 

The movie dealt really nicely with such topics like physical insecurity and how communication is so important in a relationship. 

I’m trying to wonder why exactly this movie Pati, Patni Aur Woh also could not have done the same and explored real topics instead. 

I believe it is high time that Bollywood understand that these type of jokes are just not acceptable or even funny in any form or manner. 

Because after these jokes are made, I see some really scary reactions on social media where people are actually laughing and applauding them saying ‘what a funny movie’ or ‘what a great joke’

So given how much love movies like ‘Kabir Singh’ and ‘Housefull 4’ got, I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie also becomes a commercial success and earns crores of rupees.

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