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Top 10 Companies Where LinkedIn Believes India Wants To Work


Based on the billions of interactions on LinkedIn, the company came out with a list of the Top Attractors of 2016. The list honours the most sought after companies in the world that have been successful in not only delivering great work but also satisfying its employees.

The lists were brought out not only for companies at a global scale, but also specific to countries like Australia, Brazil, France, India, U.K., and the U.S. Companies were evaluated based on four criteria-

  • their reach (how well-known the company is),
  • engagement (the kind of buzz their content creates),
  • job interest (how much interest their jobs generate) and
  • how well they retain their new hires.

Here are the top 10 companies in India that have caught the eye, and attracted the best talents in the country.

  1. Flipkart

This E-Commerce website started in 2007 and since then has been fulfilling wishes of the almost every Indian. The company is valued at $15.5 billion, has over 30,000 employees and over 30 million products for its customers.


  1. Amazon

The global e-commerce giant entered the Indian market in 2013 with 7 million books and 12,000 movies for its customers. Now, partnered with more than 25,000 merchants across the country, the company offers over 22 million products for its ‘aur dikhao’ driven customers.



  1. Capgemini

Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology, outsourcing services, and local professional services. It is present in over 40 countries with approximately 180,000 employees. Its integrated services have been providing people since its inception in 1967, and abiding by its motto – people matter and results count.



  1. Google

The multinational technology company that started in 1998, has made a place in the lives of the common man. The company constantly works on improving user experience, and at the same time takes immense care of its 60,000 employees.



  1. KPMG

KPMG has a manpower of almost 1,74,000 globally. The company that started in 1993, in India, provides a full range of services, including financial and business advisory, tax and regulatory, and risk advisory services.



  1. Deloitte

The 2,25,000 employee firm is known for its accounting, consulting and tax services. The company believes in combining the fluid-thinking of the young, with the business expertise of the seasoned executives, and deliver world-class services to its clients. The $35.2 billion company invests heavily in its employees, through various training programs.



  1. Adobe

This company is over 30 years old and still manages to astound us with its revolutionary products. The $47.4 billion company has 14,000+ employees and believes in a ‘learn-it-all’ attitude. Its products help in everything from online marketing, designing and editing, to products that facilitate e-learning and training professionals.



  1. HCL Technologies

Hindustan Computers Limited started in 1991 and is a multinational IT Service company. It operates across 32 countries, with 104,896 employees, and puts its employees on high priority to ensure that the best services are provided to its clients.




Started by 12 IITians in 2012, is a real estate search portal which allows customers to search for housing based on geography, the number of rooms, and various other filters. The company works with 6000 brokers and servers around 40 cities in the country and believes that in a span of a few years it has managed to drive a change in the real-estate sector.


  1. OLA

OLA started in 2010 as an online transportation network company. With 7000 employees and a network of over 2 lakh cars, the company is spread across 82 cities in the country. Catering to the Indian needs, the company also offers auto-rickshaw services. With an average booking rate of 1,50,000 a day, the company is worth $5 billion.


The list goes on to include companies like Tata Communication, Wipro, Oyo, Reliance and even Zomato. At a global level, Apple tops the list as the most sought after company, followed by Salesforce, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

It is surprising to note that companies like Flipkart and, who manage to top the list, are currently facing huge losses. Interestingly enough, young Indian companies have managed to set global standards and compete with the multinationals.

This list has also managed to bring out the irony of the Indian system- for a country that is known for its medical tourism, its people are clearly not inclined to work in the healthcare sector. Even with the availability of jobs in various sectors, the Indian employee seems to restrict themselves predominantly to the IT sector.

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