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Crazy & Innovative Marketing Tactics Coca Cola Used Worldwide & Saw Huge Success


The times when companies would pay a ton to post their advertisements on a newspaper is long gone. People have always craven for something new and innovative. I mean, it’s the 21st century, who would actually go through their newspapers just to accidentally happen to come across an advertisement, and actually pay attention.

Okay, so we all know how annoying those 2-minute advertisements on YouTube can get. “I don’t give a damn about a toothpaste advertisement, I just wanted to watch a music video!”

Basically, people nowadays get attracted to shiny and flashy things which don’t even need to come out and say something: they’re that inviting!

1. Giant Soda Machine Shower        


In Brazil, Sprite has fixed a giant Soda Machine that is actually a shower. Yes, don’t be surprised. So the people coming to hang out at the beach can leave with a tan and a can PLUS a shower. How cool is that, right?

Don’t worry, the giant soda machine does not shower soda, it is pumped with water.

2. The Coca-Cola Friendship Machine

In Latin America, Coca-Cola had come up with a scheme on friendship’s day where two friends would get two cokes for the price of one. They were supposed to directly interact with the 3.5 meters tall vending machine (yes, you heard me right) and insert the money in the money slot.

Eight hundred cokes were sold in just nine hours that day and this was 1075% more sales than a regular vending machine. This was a wise step on Coca Cola’s side, which gave a fierce boost to their sales.

3. The Buddy Cup

In Brazil, Budweiser has come up with a beer glass that is integrated with Facebook. The glass comes with a QR code and a built-in chip that connects it to your Facebook profile. So every time you clink your glass with a stranger, you actually become their friend on Facebook! Cheers!

4. Hug Me

In Singapore, Coca-Cola had started a new gesture based marketing technique. The vending machine was painted with ‘Hug Me’ in bold and those who were daring enough to hug it were rewarded with iced cold drinks. Give me a reason to not hug this vending machine. I can feel the love.

5. Dancing Vending Machine

In South Korea, a Coca-Cola vending machine invited people to copy the dance moves of the famous K-pop boy band 2PM in order to score free drinks.

All of this was only possible with the help of Microsoft Kinnect. The machine could identify the moves. If the people got the moves right, they were rewarded with free Cokes. I’d totally dance for it!

6. Happiness Machine

Students at London University got a lot more than they paid for. Whenever a student ordered a coke, a black hand came out offering an unexpected treat to them. All of this was intended to spread love and happiness. So you pay for a simple, basic coke and you get a plus-treat too? Aw, that’s nice. Well named, as it really did manage to make the people happy.

7. The Happiness Table

Yet another innovation by Coca-Cola. They took a huge truck and headed to a fine village in Naples. Actually, the truck would transform into a community dinner party, all with a “special” drink delivery mechanism! A famous chef was taken along, and anyone who passed by was invited to serve himself to this spectacular dining.

There we go. Countries all over the world have been thinking so out of the box to promote their ideas and it works well for them. So where does India stand? Yes, we are a little left behind in this field. But we must not forget that our country has a very strong factor: human capital. India is the second most populated country in the world, with the fastest growth rate, but this can be a good point too. India’s large crowd of enthusiastic and innovative youth can reshape the national marketing system. It is up to them to decide. This could give a boost to the sales as well as international recognition.


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