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Beef Ban- Point Of View Of A Malayali Living In Delhi



Beef Ban-A hot debateable topic that provided a food for thought recently. Things blew out of hands when a man in Dadri was lynched to death and his son was almost killed because, there was a suspicion that he stored beef in his house. Now the question is not just about beef, it is whether a human life worthier than an animal?

“Kisi ko bataana mat, main na, beef aur pork, dono khaya hai.”

As a Keralite studying in Delhi, I was questioned by many people whether I eat beef. I found it curious that eating beef or pork was like a life time adventure for some people over here in Delhi. Growing up in a strictly vegetarian family, eating meat is as sinful as drinking alcohol or smoking weed. I had friends who secretly told me, “Kisi ko bataana mat, main na, beef aur pork, dono khaya hai.” And I bluntly replied, “Dude, back in Kerala that was a staple diet for me. We used to have it almost every week.” Now I see why eating beef is a daredevil reckless adventure.

Beef in Kerala House


When the debate came up whether cows are sacred to every Hindu, many people pointed out that there are Hindus who have beef in Kerala and thus, eating beef or pork is not against any religious ethics. Yes, beef is a delicacy in Kerala.

Tapioca with beef and Stewed Jackfruit with fried pork are just awesome.

There were many colleges in Kerala celebrating Beef Fest to express their protest against the fascist movement in which people are killed because of what they eat. On the top of it came the news that beef was served in Kerala House in Delhi. It was a heyday.

There were many friends of mine who asked me if I was one of the people who had beef in Kerala House canteen to express their protest.

Right now, I am tired answering everyone if it is okay to eat beef or pork, whether I eat it and is it allowed in Kerala to eat beef.


There are strict vegetarians in Kerala but they do not mind us eating beef. I have shared my meal with my friends who were vegetarians and they were cool about it. There are vegetarians in Kerala and we have a wonderful cuisine which works for them, and most of the people are vegetarians by their own choice rather than religious laws.

Beef is not just cow’s meat.

It includes meat of buffaloes, bulls and water buffaloes.

Banning cow slaughter is a Directive Principle of our constitution and Kerala has not yet imposed it as a law.

Plus, open your ears people. I eat what I choose. As long as I am not force feeding you, I am not intruding into your freedom and I am not hurting your religious sentiments. It would be good/sane if you did the same.





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