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What’s the Next Big Thing? Foldable SmartPhones. Samsung Leads The Way This Time


What’s the upcoming fad in technology?

Foldable Smart Phones

Imagine folding your phone in two and slipping into your back pocket, just like your wallet.

That’s right. Samsung is all set to launch its first foldable smart phones in 2017. With its popular Galaxy series, Samsung is one of the stalwarts in the global smart phone market. The new Galaxy S7 was one of the most successful launches this year.

Samsung has seldom ventured into unorthodox designs or out-of-the-box features when it came to phones. In spite of being a giant in technology, it has been criticized for being too conformist.

But it seems that the company has finally decided to silence all its critics with this unprecedented device. With this new release, Samsung might change the very definition of ‘Smart’. None of us have seen anything quite like it before. Gadget gurus and tech enthusiasts are already dying for its release!

Some of the speculated features of Samsung’s foldable smart phone are:

  • A seven-inch foldable screen
  • An OLED display that can fold itself in half
  • Dual usage: A seven inch tablet cum 5 inch smart phone


A tablet and a smart phone in one device! What more can you ask for?

However the idea of a foldable display seems to be older than we think. Samsung has been working on its first bendable display for more than three years, but none of its patents has been converted into consumer products yet.

But pundits from the tech industry are skeptical about the performance of such a device. According to them anything foldable or bendable eventually develops crease on regular use. The foldable phones might come with their share of hardware problems.

Others are of the opinion that foldable phones will be more like a megatrend. It might be the next big thing after the advent of the touch screen. Who knows? 10 years later, we might be carrying Ultra thin bendable phones in our wallets, placed safely with our credit cards.

Phones might never be the same again.



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