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What To Do With A Broken Washer: Repair Or Replace?



You’re sitting there and all of a sudden you notice that the washer isn’t quite spinning right. You go check the washer, and it’s obviously broken. Then, you’re faced with what to do. Should you repair it or replace it? Which one you should do depends on several factors. 

Advice From A Professional Appliance Repair Service

Before making the decision, consult with a professional appliance repair service. A repair man will know more about your washer than you might. They can tell you the cost of the repair, as well as whether your particular brand of washer is known for having that problem. Some brands seem to have the same problem over and over again. Experienced professionals will have the knowledge necessary to give you the advice that you need.

Cost Of Repair

Sometimes, the cost of the repair can be as much as a new washer. Most used appliance stores sell washers for a low cost. Some even come with a warranty! If paying for the repair is going to be as costly as a new washer, you might as well buy a new washer. 

For example, if the tub of the washer is broken, the repair cost as well as the cost of parts can be so expensive that it’s often recommended that you replace it. Only a professional can give you an estimate so that you can make an informed decision.

Age Of The Washer

If you’ve had a washer for over ten years, it might be time for an upgrade. Some washers will last longer, while other brands are known for only lasting a few years before they start to go bad. Once you washer starts to go, it might have run its course. It can be common for older washers to break almost constantly after they reach a certain age.

What’s Your Budget?

Even if it seems like a better idea to replace a broken washer, it might not be financially possible at the moment. It’s important to consider your financial options when making a decision.  

A quick fix for a short-term solution is a great idea if you do not have the means to buy a new washer, the repair cost is low, and you cannot go without a washer. Those with large families will quickly start wishing they had a washer once theirs goes out! This will give you time to save money or find financing for a new washer.

If you can go to the laundromat for a few weeks while saving money for a new washer, that is another great idea. Keep in mind that this will also cost money. Make sure that it’s cheaper than repairing the washer before deciding to take this route.  

Making the decision of whether to repair or replace a washer can be a difficult one. A repair company will give you an estimate of the washer repair to help you make the right decision for your household.  

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