Keeping one’s Twitter timeline clean and clear is something everyone strives for. No one wants to see nonsense or headache-inducing posts on their TL that would either trigger them, are shitposts or just outright disturbing and problematic.

To deal with this Twitter has its own features that allow users to block other users with them they don’t agree with or like the content of along with several other sites and apps.

In the midst of all this, MegaBlock has been popping up recently where its USP is that it lets one ‘nuke a tweet’.

What Is MegaBlock?

It all started with a tweet when on 29th July 20202 Michael Solana, VP of the Founders Fund posted about wanting a feature on the platform called ‘megablock’ that “blocks a bad tweet, the bad tweet’s author, and every single person who liked the bad tweet, then sounds a brief alarm and makes your phone vibrate.”

This tweet was then noticed by Gen Z Mafia that decided to work out something that did the main blocking thing, although it doesn’t really ring an alarm or make the phone vibrate. The notification one gets after using it though does make one as if they’ve nuked the tweet.

Basically, MegaBlock does exactly what the tweet asked for where in a single click one can block the main tweet, the profile of the user who made that tweet and even all the users who liked that particular tweet.

This worked out well for people who see a problematic tweet or something they don’t agree with on their TL and don’t want to see any more of it and handles the mass blocking that one would want to do in that scenario.

How you use it is by simply going to the website of MegaBlock and then posting the URL of the tweet you want to block and then press ‘confirm’ to mass block. But before that, you will need to give certain permissions to the site like

view your timeline tweets (including protected ones) as well as your Lists and collections;

view your profile information and Twitter account settings;

view the accounts you follow, mute and block;

follow and unfollow accounts on your behalf. 

update your profile and account settings;

post and delete Tweets on your behalf,

interact with Tweets posted by others (like, dislike or reply to a Tweet, Retweet, etc.) on your behalf;

create, manage and delete Lists and collections on your behalf;

mute, block and report accounts on your behalf

Since then it has been used and has been cropping up again on social media with people really liking the ability to mass block people and keep their timeline (TL) clean or as per their own preference.

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This is not the only mass blocking service out there, there are several such as these that allow people to block several people at a single instant.

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