Every time there’s a new update in a particular social media app, it comes with an upgrade that we thought was not possible before.

Take WhatsApp for example. The first ever upgrade which was frankly quite interesting was the feature of posting stories just like Instagram. Along with it came the dark theme and the ability to customize wallpapers of individual chats.

Interesting as they were, a new upgrade seemed to have made the actual difference. The feature of deleting messages. Not just for yourself but for the other person as well. For example, say you’re a grammar nazi and you need to type your texts with impeccable grammar.

Every comma, every full stop should be at their fated locations. But you make a mistake and that drives you crazy. You don’t want the other person to think that you don’t know your grammar well. So you decide to delete the message for the other person as well as for you and you type out a new one.

Intriguing as it must seem, it can be frustrating too. Say you’re in the middle of a fight and you fall asleep. When you wake up, you find a dozen of just random deleted texts. It feeds your anxiety resulting in frustration.

However, fear not, there’s a way of reading the deleted messages. Let’s find out how!

Step 1 – Install The App Notisave

Notisave is a free app that’s available on playstore and looks like a purple bell icon. It is a notification monitoring app that reads all the notifications you receive and saves them for reading later. Once you’ve installed the app, you need to open it and give it access to your media and files.

After that is done, you need to head over to the settings and open the “apps” section – the one where you can manage all your apps, delete caches, etc. Once you’ve reached the apps section, look for Notisave and give it access to whatever apps you want.

However, make sure you don’t give it access to every other app lest it should become difficult to manage. For example, apps for shopping like Amazon, Myntra, etc do not need monitoring. So you don’t need to give access to them.

Step 2 – Go For A Test Run

Suppose your crush texts you about how much he likes you but you weren’t at the moment and you didn’t see his or her texts. Your crush chickens out and deletes the message. When you come back, you’re curious as to what it could have been. The answer is simple.

You go over to your Notisave app, click on the WhatsApp section and voila! There’s the text your crush deleted.

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What Other Things Can You Do With Notisave?

Notisave is particularly helpful for reading deleted messages, however, it can also be used for a myriad of other tricks.

Blocks Read Receipts

So normally when you read a text in WhatsApp, the other person will get a blue tick to show you’ve read it and the tick stays grey if you don’t read it. Well, because the entire point of Notisave is that it saves notifications, if someone sends you a WhatsApp message and you go straight into the Notisave app, you’ll find the entire message there.

If you choose to read it from Notisave, the other person will not be shown blue ticks. Thereby, if you plan on ghosting somebody without really hurting their feelings, Notisave is there to be your accomplice.

Save Deleted Messages

You head over to the Notisave app and open the WhatsApp window. All the deleted chats or notifications are displayed there. So what you can do is, you simply click and hold down on the person’s chat and a little icon appears in the right-hand corner.

It is the download icon and once you click on it, you’ll be shown the places where you can save the conversation or it’ll ask you if you want to share a link of the chat and you can save it wherever you want to.

You can also export the chat by simply clicking on the three dots at the end of the conversation and you can save it to your Google drive or whichever folder you please.

That being said, have fun using the app but also be careful cause you never know who else might be using the app.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Indian Express, India Today

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