With excessive work pressure, building up stress, and long-term work exposure, there seems little to no attention on taking care of one’s health. Physical as well as mental.

Stress needs to be busted asap

And for the ones in higher positions, the overspilling responsibilities put them in a tough spot. This leads to monotony and an unhealthy obsession with work, especially among those who are over-ambitious. 

Longer working hours need caffeinated individuals, full concentration requires giving up nutrition at times, and quick relation for consistent stress asks for several glasses of alcohol—all of which constitute the unhealthy lifestyle of a being who has an entire life ahead.

Increased Fatality

This unhealthy race for meeting goals and achieving aims in recorded time proves to be fatal. With no time to sleep and absolutely no time to rest or take a few moments to breathe and rejuvenate, “managerial syndrome” becomes a person’s undoing.

The most vulnerable groups that come under its radar are people in leading positions, running a business, leading entrepreneurship, working in banks, and the ones involved in high-risk jobs.

High-risk jobs may include journalism, flight controlling, surgery, monitoring anesthesia, being professional athletes, working in the stock market, and so on and so forth.

Effects of depression caused by the managerial syndrome

As for the reason for the development of this specific syndrome, stress is to be blamed largely, if not solely. It is the precursor of pessimism and thus the source of neurological, hormonal, and immunological changes.

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The person subjected to undue stress not only suffers from ill health but also births negative emotions. That is to say, more often than not, stress occurs not because of any external stimulus but because of a person’s reaction to that stimulus.

Abrupt, overwhelmed reactions cause stress to burst through. Although simulating at first, it leads to an unhealthy amount of buildup that affects the immune system.

Stress impacts both personal and professional lives alike

This is partly because of the decreasing amount of corticosteroid hormone in the body. Specific antibodies stop being formed in the body resulting in deteriorating immunity. Diseases ultimately start adding up inside. All because of undertaken stress.

Symptoms 101

That being said, managerial syndrome’s symptoms are largely psychic. That is the inability to concentrate or memorize, extreme irritability, nervousness, insomnia, borderline depression.

As for the somatic symptoms, the person affected may suffer from excessive sweating, accelerated heartbeat, tension in muscles, headache, back pain, uncomfortable feeling in the chest (referring to suffocation, constant pressure, feeling of being weighed down, jab or piercing, and choking), pain and cramps in the stomach, irregular blood pressure, weight gain/loss and so on.

The good news is that managerial syndrome occurs over time. It’s a gradual process and thus can be regulated if red flags are given due attention and necessary treatment.

Managers suffer the most due to a dearth of time and an ever-increasing workload. With business goals as the prime focus, they tend to overlook the obvious red flags and thus fall prey to the managerial syndrome.

The gist being that health needs to be prioritized

Arterial hypertension starts forming over time. Elevated blood pressure, coronary disease, stomach ulcer, twelve-colon ulcer, irritable colon aka nervous colon, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, bronchial asthma, and autoimmune diseases are symptoms of the managerial syndrome. 

Stroke and heart attack turn into gifts that can be presented anytime as a surprise. But to put all blame on stress alone seems a bit unfair. After all, inactivity, smoking, consumption of alcohol, and excessive intake of fatty, salty, and high-calorie food are good contributors too.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nothing can parallel proper and balanced nutrition, everyday physical activity, and regular sleep. Nor can a healthy lifestyle be compromised.

An annual medical check-up is essential for every person. Adding to that, recommendations and therapy need not be ignored. After all, investing your time and effort in health will benefit you, both in the short and long term.

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