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Dear Stress, Let’s break up !!!

- Being a human , might not be easy but being a youngster, definitely not easy. Going through all those mental, hormonal or physical changes gives rise to what we term as ‘stress’. We youngsters might have ‘exam problem, pimple problem or pimple ke ziddi marks’ (:P) but there are other grave issues too which require our special attention. Things are not easy to understand and interpreting every mood, every emotion is something, which increases the drudgery sometimes. Exposure to technological stress has increased the problems manifold . Here are some ways that might help you to take a little burden off our shoulders. :
Share it : We all know this technique but hardly do we adopt. Things do not get out of reach until and unless you have somebody to advice. Get that stuff outside your head as soon as possible. You may write it down but would not be able to get an opinion about your problem. Find someone whom you can trust. Go, share, and try to keep your mind clear of all the shit. Do not let the crap litter your mind. There are some great ideas going on, do not let them get overruled by stress.
Keep some of your worries for Him: If you are an atheist, have courage to face future and if you are not, believe in a bit of God’s grace and a little bit of fortune. God always has some better plans for all of us.He always solves the problems in a better way than us. Some of the things are just beyond our control. Kindly, let Him handle some of the matters of your life.
Watch anything you like: How much stressed you are, how much panic you may create, you will never get an answer to your worries when your mind is completely fatigued. Whenever stress starts swirling on your mind, take a cup of coffee and watch two-three episodes of FRIENDS or anything you like. You will certainly make more ‘relaxed’ decision.
Have a tight sleep: This suggestion might sound something awkward. It always happens that whenever we are tensed, we are not able to sleep. However, it is a proven medical fact that if you try to keep your mind a little stress free by adopting this sleep therapy, you will certainly wake up with your mind far more calm and composed. Take a nice sleep for an hour or two with favorite music plugged in. This might not solve the problem ,but certainly reduces the ill effects it may have on your health.




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