Tempratures are rising all over the world, forest fires are constantly occuring, floods, untimely rains and more the environment is constantly in a state of upheaval since the past few years to put it lightly.

That is not to say that scientists and experts have not been talking about the degrading state of the environment for at least decades if not centuries, but it has been in the last couple of years itself that it all just seems to be worsening each day without much of a respite.

All this has resulted in the term ‘climate anxiety’ getting popular, especially among the newer generations. But what does it really mean?

What Is Climate Anxiety?

Climate Anxiety, as a term, essentially means when people are in a state of overwhelming doom in regards to the state of the environment. It has even been used alongside terms like grief, desperation, guilt and more, where people are experiencing a heightened anxiousness because of what all is happening with the environment these days.

As per sources, it is not a mental illness, but it can lead to one experiencing mental anxiety because of how real the threat of climate change can be. People seeing the state of environment currently are worried about their future and that of the coming generations, and the news about it especially can affect their mood, thinking and behaviour.

French author George Sand in her 1872 book “Impressions et souvenirs,” talked about how the environment will be destroyed if not paid attention to saying “If we don’t take care of it, the tree will disappear and the planet’s end will come by drying up, no cataclysm necessary, by the fault of man. Do not laugh about it, those who have studied the question do not think about it without horror.”

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Climate Anxiety

Does It Matter?

According to a Harvard report, an American Psychological Association survey revealed that more than two-thirds of Americans experience climate anxiety to some degree. A 2021 UNICEF report also believes that one billion children could be at “extremely high risk” of suffering from mental issues because of climate change.

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