Parul University’s I.I.M.U.N Vadodara Conclave was attended by Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, Air Marshal Vikram Singh and Lieutenant General HS Kahlon

New Delhi, December 15: ​​Parul University, one of the prominent educational institutions for higher studies has recently hosted the I.I.M.U.N (International Indian Movement to Unite Nations) Vadodara Conclave featuring senior members of the defence fraternity to inspire the young audience to realize their potential and harness their power towards the betterment of the nation. The event was graced by Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, Air Marshal Vikram Singh, Lieutenant General HS Kahlon, and several prominent personalities including Gaur Gopal Das, and Bhaichung Bhutia, among many others.

The conclave witnessed intellectual panel discussions with three of the most decorated serving officers from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy engaging in impactful conversations to inspire the 15,000 young audiences and provide them with valuable advice. Guiding them on lines of valour, courage and competence, Lt. General HS Kahlon talked about the core of a person’s being and said, “The kind of human being a person is going to be; the kind of contribution a person makes to the society, that’s what the future of India is going to be.”

Echoing his sentiments when asked what India means to him, Air Marshal Vikram Singh said, “For the civilians, India is India; but for some of us working in armed forces, India is a feeling and we feel it more than other people, and that’s something you take away when you work in the armed forces.” Vice Admiral Dinesh Tripathi gave an inspiring answer to the same question; he said, “The India you want to see in the future, it’s right in front of you. The students, the energy, and the power of youth.”

Focussing on nurturing the youth towards instilling discipline, qualities of leadership and pursuing a path towards national service, Parul University has been providing students with an understanding of the armed forces protocols and operating procedures. Through its Armed Forced Motivational Cell, the University has been guiding and facilitating a vibrant, inspiring environment to motivate students to pursue a career in the Indian Armed Forces. Enriched with a range of challenges, and exposure to technology and adventures; the students at Parul University are provided with opportunities to develop and express true leadership skills and abilities, including a grass-root level training process.

As a matter of pride and testimony, its student Dheeraj Singh has secured All India Rank (AIR) 15 in the NCC (National Corps Cadet) Special Entry segment. His exemplary performance in NCC also led him to participate in Prime Minister’s rally on 28th January 2021 where he received Prime Minister’s baton, an honour for being the “Best All India cadet (SD) Air Wing’’. He is also the first cadet in the history of Gujarat to be the Best Cadet, felicitated by the hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi himself at the Republic Day Parade.

Encouraging students through its wide range of knowledge-sharing, and informative and entertaining sessions, Parul University continues providing diverse education, personality and skill development opportunities. The university offers a wide range of diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses in a variety of disciplines and promotes holistic learning through its 250 specially designed, industry-relevant courses across engineering, applied sciences, commerce, computer applications, applied sciences, commerce, arts, fine arts, library science, health administration, public health, vocational studies, pharmacy, physiotherapy, Ayurved, homoeopathy, nursing, architecture, agriculture, social work, design, law, management, as well as business administration.


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