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Crisis. Quarter-life crisis. Did you know about it?

As we grow up, I think most of us barely manage to get by a day when we don’t look back and feel that we are probably caught up in the middle of a thunderstorm. The very day we grow up enough to start thinking, we realize that everything that is supposed to be ‘life’ is not quite right.

It has been found that young adults, people in their 20s have been suffering from acute depression today more than ever. There is a new kid on the mental-health welfare block: The Quarter Life Crisis.


Every case, every situation, and every individual is unique. But thematically they corroborate the same disappointment with an intense peculiarity: Now that they have grown up, what’s next? Every issue seems magnified, every situation a rat race.

Teenage was almost a piece of cake, no matter how good or bitter. But now, you are right here, right now.

The pressures of having careers, completing education, starting a family. Lost. Single. Broke. Sensory overload.  

Get me out of this.

Courtesy: Guardian

When I think back to this day and research quarter-life crisis, its various stages, and their many life hacks, my mind fixates on that saying: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Or.... Be Phil Dunphy!
Or…. Be Phil Dunphy!

Can life really be as simple as lemonade?

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Okay, a strange leap of imagination to understand the whole shebang about a quarter-life crisis: What if we compared a quarter-life crisis to a glass of lemonade?

Hmm. Let’s see…

Exhibit A: Life is an empty glass.


We expect a lot of things in life. And when life has none of it to offer, we whine. We curse life. But can we really blame the glass for bad lemonade? The glass just holds it, carries it, and avoids leakage. It becomes the drink it holds.

Life is meaningless. The existentialists weren’t wrong. Because life always shapes itself in accordance to what we add to it.

That brings us to….

Exhibit B: Make your own recipe, pace your own dreams.


The sweet balanced with the sour. The sour of the lemon becomes something you savor when it is a well-made lemonade. No matter what the type of sweetness you added is.

I don’t believe that anything is meant to be. Lemonade is not meant to make in any ideal way, it is to suit one’s own taste. So your life is exactly you design it to be. You call the shots, you pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Exhibit C: When the lemonade is just bad. And it leaves the worst aftertaste. We shouldn’t forget that we can make it again.


I am not being preachy here.

The sense of desperate helplessness can be overwhelming. Sure. It is just a verifiable fact that just about too many people facing a quarter-life crisis have come out better from it.

It’s devastating when life completely falls apart around you, but optimistically there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe not fairytale perfection, but just many chances to improve and be happier.

Exhibit D: The simplicity of lemonade is stunning. So is the simplicity of small enduring happiness that you must recognize to live well.

A mother and daughter talk while sitting at a table with lemonade outside

A lemonade is so simple to make, but it is a universal hit! Its simplicity is stunning.

Quintessentially, simple things give us greater pleasures.

Like, the happiness of having a good conversation against the empty meaningless loneliness. Time well spent with family, friends. Whether you like it or not, the big joys mean nothing without the small ones that pepper the many moments that constitute the bright side of life.

Recovering from a quarter life crisis is probably the best chance to build your emotional intelligence. When you are living your responsibilities and enjoying it too. You have to steal back from life, what it refuses you.

To overcome a quarter-life crisis, you cannot postpone your life or be stagnant. Life is meaningless because it is empty like the vessel for your lemonade. You make it. Too sour, your fault. Too good, your achievement.

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