India is dealing with an unprecedented situation at present. The world, including us Indians, had thought that the COVID-19 era had come to an end with the rapid decrease in the per day cases since January 2021. Additionally, the speedy vaccination campaign also gave hope for a better 2021.

However, things went south when in March 2021, the per day COVID-19 cases started rising at an unforeseen pace.

The numbers in the second wave of the pandemic are more than those registered in the first wave and the lack of medicines and vaccines have left the healthcare system paralyzed. 

In the light of the same, not only India, but several other countries will also suffer. Let us know how!

Delayed Supply of Vaccines

With the soaring cases of COVID-19, India has also been dealing with a shortage of vaccines. Several states have claimed that they have meager stocks of vaccines that will run out soon.

The opposition is also raging at the Union government, accusing them of avoiding national interests while exporting the vaccines and gifting them to other nations.

According to a report, India is manufacturing about half of the vaccines required for daily consumption.

As the per-day COVID-19 cases are increasing in India’s heartland, vaccine supplies might be delayed. India is a leading producer of vaccines and the UN-backed COVAX initiative involves several countries, including the United Kingdom and Canada.

The world is immensely dependent on vaccines produced and manufactured in India. Last month, due to the prioritization of domestic needs, the export of 90 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines was delayed by the Serum Institute of India (SII). This was also met by legal notice from AstraZeneca to SII.

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Since the most severely hit city, Pune, is where the SII is headquartered, the export of coronavirus vaccines would likely remain affected till June, when the present situation is expected to subside.

According to experts, India also needs to vaccinate the humongous population faster in order to mitigate a worse situation. To meet the national needs, the exports may be further stalled which will affect the world collectively.

Ban On Export of Remdesivir Injection

Remdesivir is a crucial injection in the treatment of coronavirus. With the rapidly increasing number of cases, the Union government has put a ban on the export of the Remdesivir injection.

This move has been taken after several complaints of shortage of the injection throughout India.

All domestic manufacturers have also been advised to display stock information on their website along with the details of stockists and distributors to facilitate access. The Department of Pharmaceuticals has also directed the domestic manufacturers to ramp up the production to meet the rising demand.

While all of this is happening in India, several countries where Remdesivir is exported are suffering. Over the past few months, when India saw a downfall in COVID-19 cases, exports were increased, including in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Several countries are dependent on India for Remdesivir, thus, the ban on exports is likely to create a shortage abroad.

The pacing cases of coronavirus in India are a threat not only to the domestic population and economy but to foreign countries as well. It’s the need of the hour for the government to pull up their socks and ensure that this phase passes soon. 

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