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Weird (and delicious) food hybrids


Some bold dishes, imaginative flavors, lots of color and all seem absolutely delicious, of course! These innovative and novel mishmash is a dream come true for adventurous foodies.

Here is my list of crazy food combinations!

1.   Doughnut on a cupcake

A happy hybrid of a doughnut and a cupcake. For all the cupcake and doughnut lovers out there, throw these two together and you’ll experience well, heaven in your mouth. It seems super–delicious, super-fresh that I wouldn’t for a second wait and think about my veins and arteries before taking a bite of this fat-laden treat.

donut cupcake

2.   Gummy bears in vodka

This one is for all the candy lovers. All you have to do is pour a bottle of vodka over gummy bear candies in a container. Cover and refrigerate it. The gummy bears will soak up all the vodka. It is a burst of big bright flavors and colors. Wonderfully tasty with the right amount of kick with the vodka soaked up in it.

gummy bears.

3.   Deep fried mars bars

The popularity of deep fried mars bars has been rising over the past few years. With the crunch of the coating combined with the gooey-rich filling of the caramel and the chewy nougat does make it seem melt-in-your-mouth- magical. Can be served with whipped cream and icing sugar or even ice cream. This was invented in Stonehaven, Scotland.


4.   Meat shot glasses

These are shot glasses made of meat balls and are then grilled. Bacon-flavored vodka, cheese sticks and pretty much anything can be added to these cups of ground beef. They don’t really look that appetizing but it seems like a really cool idea for a barbeque.

meat shot

5.   Maple bacon doughnut shot

A combination of the two B’s: bacon and booze! This is pure craziness, the Maple Bacon Donut has received a lot of recognition, it has become pretty popular! This unique flavor combination seems like a palate pleaser for all the bacon lovers around the world.

maple bacon donut

6.       Bloody Mary cheeseburger

A creation by Sobelman’s Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, Wis.

It is a bacon cheeseburger on a straw in Bloody Mary! It seems like a grand drink with shrimp, cherry tomato, lemon wedge, sausage, cheese, pickle, mushroom, onion and  the most important a bacon cheeseburger. It sounds like something that would tantalize my taste buds. Pretty Impressive!

bloody mary

 7.       Glaze donut with egg, bacon and sausage

As the name suggests this is sausage, egg and bacon in a donut. I honestly feel that this was a match made in heaven and it looks insanely delicious. It literally blows your mind and if consumed regularly would definitely lead to blocked arteries. It’s not exactly mom-approved but it’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

donut egg sausage

The idea is to throw together a little bit of this and that and let your taste buds do the rest. Only our tummies are the limit. We all are Remys and Gusteas cooking up our own ratatouille.



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