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I’m surrounded by K-Pop enthusiasts and they take their enthusiasm above and beyond to actually immersing themselves in Korean culture. They love the food, the TV shows, the movies and the music groups.

And so I decided to tag along with them to their yet another visit to Korean Culture Centre with the intention of gorging on some good food with good company.

korean culture centre, delhi, lajpat nagar

How To Reach:

Nearest metro station is Moolchand on the Violet Line. It’s barely 5 minutes in an auto from the station. Honestly, it’s near enough that you can walk from the station.

Ambience and Décor:

The second you enter the building, you’re greeted with a warm lobby area.

Image Credit: Korean Culture Centre Official Website

The cafe itself is not very fancy, but its very open and receives a lot of light on sunny afternoons (which is everyday in Delhi) and I love open spaces so that was a definite plus point for me!

Image Credit: Korean Culture Centre Official Website

Though the building itself is filled with little trinkets and has vibrant happy corners, the café itself lacks a certain ambience that I have come to expect from cafés.

korean culture centre, delhi, lajpat nagar

But what the café lacks in décor, it makes up for it in food! And after all that’s what we came here for anyway!

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What We Ordered:

The Cafe offers a variety of scrumptious dishes and beverages. They have a separate page on their menu all for Korean Tea!

Snacks available at the Cafe at Korean Culture Centre

We ordered the following:

Shin Noodles

Chicken Pop

Bi Bim Bab

korean culture centre, lajpat nagar, delhi

Osam Bulgogi

And Mango Shake, Blueberry Shake, Chocolate Shake, Cold Vienna Coffee, and Iced Tea to wash all those delicacies down with.

The portions were big and the food was beyond delicious. My favourite dish has to be the Shin Noodles. They are basically the ready to make ramen noodles (take your Maggi for instance) you get in your local market, but where the store-bought ramen noodles always leave a waxy coating in my mouth, these were not just better, but absolutely perfect.

The chicken pop was another one of my favourites. But I have to say the beverages were the highlight of the afternoon! Especially try the blueberry shake, if you do visit the cafe!


Prices at this café are very reasonable, especially considering the portion sizes of each dish! We ordered a bunch of dishes, for 5 people, and the bill was around 1700.

We left the place with a full stomach and a happy heart.

Other Details About The Place:

The Korean Culture Centre is an institution that shares the traditions and customs and history of Korea with the general public through the means of sponsored events and specialized programs. They offer Korean language courses and hold art exhibits quite frequently. They have a well-equipped library. They also offer Taekwondo classes!

If you want to know about the upcoming events being hosted by the Korean Culture Centre, or about the various facilities they offer, check out their official website right here.

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