For centuries, Henna has been a part of the cultural conscience of people residing in India. Just like India is known for its diversity, RKS Henna is a brand that is associated with vibrancy and is known for offering a variety of premium-quality Henna products. The company, which was established in the year 2000 by its founder and CEO Raj Kumar Gupta, has become one of the leading names in the Henna manufacturing industry in India. What sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it also exports its premium-quality Henna products abroad.

“We offer a wide range of Henna products and that is our USP. Our company offers a wide range of export-quality Henna powder in a variety of colours. We have a solid R&D or research and development team that keeps working towards coming up with innovative ideas and methods in this space. We have come up with new products at regular intervals and adapted ourselves to the changing tastes, preferences and sensibilities of our consumers. Each of the products offered by our company has done exceptionally well both in the domestic and international market”, says Raj Kumar Gupta.

One of the most popular offerings from the brand has been the RKS Herbal Henna, which also happens to be its flagship product. This product comes in sturdy box packaging featuring as many as 6 sachets of Black Henna Powder. Another popular product offered by the company is RKS Nancy Burgundy Henna. It is a purely organic product that features crushed Henna leaves that are filtered adequately and packaged for final use. RKS Black Henna Professional Pack is a product that is widely used by leading salons across the country.

“At RKS Henna, our ultimate objective is to reach out to customers located in every part of the world and offer them the experience of using high-quality Henna products. Apart from urban areas, we have managed to penetrate into smaller towns and villages as well. While we have a strong consumer base in India, our products are also highly in demand in foreign territories. We understand that different customers might want different things. That’s why we offer them a wide range of products to choose from”, he says. 

2023 is all set to be an exciting year for RKS Henna as the company gears up to launch a bunch of new products and announce its arrival in unchartered territories. The company makes it a point to take feedback from its customers on a regular basis to ensure they are able to cater to their needs and offer them exactly what they want. 


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