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India can be presently described as a country where world famous statues have been erected. From ancient poets to our valiant freedom fighters, these statues commemorate many historical legends of the country. Merely looking at these works of wonder evokes curiosity about the people they symbolize and the people whose hard work they are a fruit of.

Since the first known sculptures and statues in the Indian subcontinent were created in the Indus Valley civilisation, the legacy of erecting awe-inspiring statues has been carried forward to this day. The artistic intricacies and the historical aspects are the things that draw sculpture connoisseurs to the statues of India.

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From the tallest statue in the world to the biggest steel statue ever made, India boasts of some such pretty gigantic works of art. Some big statues are currently under construction, like Shiv Smarak, expected to be inaugurated by October this year. It is being erected in memory of Chhatrapati Shivaji in the Arabian Sea, near the coast of Mumbai, reaching up to a height of 212 meters.

For the avid travelers who are presently journeying or planning to journey through the cultural roads of India, these world famous statues in India are mandatory for their bucket list. So if you are one of them, watch this video and prepare to book your next train/plane ticket to these magnificent works of wonder.

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