Watch: Some Of The New Alcoholic Drinks Launched In India Lately That Are Worthy Trying


Winter is here but our bars and pubs are looking fuller than they have in a long time. Is it because we are drinking too much? Well, that’s something we always have.

But there has been a rapid growth for the beer market in India as well as for other liquors in 2018 on the back of changing cultural attitudes and a young generation which is always looking to try something new.

Well, it’s the season of rum but the Indian alcohol market is flooding with new Whiskies, Craft Beers and Gins to give variety to our hangovers.

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While some foreign brands may be entering the Indian alcohol industry our local alcohol makers are no far behind.

Here are some of the new alcohols launched in India over the recent months:

Try these and let us know what you think about them!

Image credits: Google Images

Sources: Economic Times, Financial Express

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