When it comes to movies, Bollywood is supposedly more in the limelight for making the ‘good’ movies rather than the south entertainment industry.

Where Bollywood is considered to be the trendsetter and main hub of the Indian cinema, Tollywood and others are relegated to the side as a regional cinema that is good for one or two movies but as such does not really make groundbreaking films.

However, the mega craze of Baahubali finally diverted everyone’s attention to South cinema and how perhaps it is not Bollywood that we should be looking up to, instead the South Indian film industry is making better and more impressive films.

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The latest comparison between Tiger Zinda Hai and Malayalam movie Take Off that both released in 2017 and are based on the similar true incident of Indian nurses being kidnapped by ISIS clearly show exactly how different our approach is in tackling the same issue to the south Indian film industry.

This video takes a look at other such remakes or Bollywood counterparts of south Indian movies that completely ruined the plot:

This is extremely sad to see that even with all the money, technology and all resources at hand, Bollywood is not able to able half as good movies as the South Indian cinema and further ruins their stories by making tacky adaptations of them.

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