Watch: New iOS 13 Features That Android Has Had For Years

Global tech giant Apple, in its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers’ Conference) that took place earlier this week, announced new iOS 13 features and plenty of other exciting announcements.

Much of the focus, however, was on the company’s latest operating system, the iOS 13. Apart from some usual performance enhancements and security upgrades, there were features like ‘Dark Mode’ and ‘Quick Flow’ that were introduced.

Ever since the event, the tech community is busy figuring out how it stacks up against Google’s latest OS, Android Q. After all, this debate has been going on for years.

While I prefer to not get into this debate, there’s something I noticed. People who have been following Apple for years know that the company knows how to sell its products, even if they aren’t extraordinary or worth the money.

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Some of the seemingly new iOS 13 features are those that Android has had for years now, yet you could hear the loudest of cheers upon the announcements of these ‘new’ features. Apple has a loyal fanbase, after all.

So, without wasting any more of your time, here’s a compilation of the new iOS 13 features that Android has had for years now.

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Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: CNBC, CNET, New York Times + more

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