How good is your education if you have to be schooled about basic COVID-19 safety protocols by a little kid? Sounds ridiculous? Well, this is what happened in Dharamsala, where a small boy was questioning a bunch of adults about their masks.

In the viral clip, the boy, identified as Amit, is holding a stick and urging the bypassers to wear their masks. However, his pleas and questions are being ignored, and the people are just smiling at him. A selected few can be seen patting him.

The kid, who is wearing ragged clothes and is barefoot, shows more sense than the privileged and educated masses of our country who have flocked all at once to the hill stations when the country is on an alert for a possible third wave.

Less than two months ago, the same people and their relatives were pleading for oxygen, ventilators, and criticizing the government for not handling the crisis effectively. Now, they are fighting for hotel rooms. Stupid much?

The pandemic has been tough on everyone. It is only natural that people are seeking a respite from the looming uncertainty and monotony. Mountains offer that at a cheap monetary price. But, what about the price of human life and health? 

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Netizens React

As soon as the clip got on social media, it got viral and the people called out these privileged people for their absolute negligence and utter stupidity. 

It is well-said that school education does not guarantee basic courtesy and etiquette. Apparently, a kid without access to basic necessities can have them but the people with degrees and money can be devoid of them.

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