Watch: Kolkata’s Long Tradition Of Clay Idol-Making At Kumortuli, The Potter’s Lane

How the artists of Kumortuli make their art

Durga Puja is a grand festival for Bengalis, especially in Kolkata. This grand event attracts people from all over the world, because of its festive nature, grand scale and the artwork of the craftsmen whose artworks gets displayed in the pandals, where the goddess is worshipped.

The Grand Festival

Although Durga Puja takes place for over 4 days, the preparation starts several months before the actual event. With the artwork of the craftsmen in the pandals and on the clay idols of the deity being the major attraction of the festival, the process of planning, and preparing for the festival takes almost a year.

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The Artist Behind the Art

When it comes to the much-attractive, intriguing and detailed figures of the Goddess and her family, the entire credit goes to the hardworking potters who make those clay-idols lifelike. To make these lifelike clay idols, Kolkata has its own potter’s lane. This is where most of Kolkata’s potters stay and have their studios, and this is where they make the clay figures of the deity.

Although these potters make several idols simultaneously, they pay attention to each and every one of the clay figures to suit the need, theme, colour pallet and the subject of the pandals, homes and temples from which they have received the order.

Even with the help of 4-5 artists, a potter takes about a month to make an idol. So let us watch how the potters of Kumortuli-potter’s lane, maintain their age-old tradition of idol-making and make the grand event of Durga Puja all the more beautiful.

Interestingly, Kolkata’s potter’s lane is so famous for clay idol-making that the potters here even get orders from outside India. That is, on completion, some of their works are shipped off to different countries for those who are celebrating the festival outside India.

Also, along with making clay idols for Durga puja, these potters take-up work for several other festivals as well.

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