Watch: Indian College Dropouts Who Achieved Extraordinary Success

Indians value education over almost anything and everything.

Every middle or even upper-class household in India holds this belief that academic excellence is the safe ticket to a successful life ahead. We are so obsessed with the idea of good grades that we push our children to chase our dreams and desires little caring about what they actually want to do with their life.

Indian parents are extremely cautious about the academic performance of their children because they believe that good marks will get them into a good college and eventually help them build a good career.

In a country where the reputation of your college is associated with how successful you will be in your life, there have been some Indians who are breaking this stereotype in spectacular fashion.

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These youngsters are the ones who took an unconventional career approach, and despite all the flak they faced early in their careers, they are still making it big in their respective lives.

These college dropouts not only encouraged the start-up culture in the country but also attempted to mould the notion that a student’s academic success has less to do with a successful career in the future.

So here’s a video of the young Indians who dropped out of college midway to pursue their dreams and have achieved extraordinary success in the same.

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