Watch: Indian Celebrities Who Unapologetically Call Out Bullshit Within And Outside The Film Industry

It's nice to know that a few with influential power put some effort to better the society we live in.

Celebrities are stacked up in all four directions with an abundance of fame, money, and power. As media personalities, power comes in the form of helping, effective campaigning for a social cause, or even something as horrendous as manipulation of the public for personal gains.

When a person of media speaks up about a specific issue that is prevalent in or outside their industry, they are constantly put down by people who have a higher standing. These corrupt people, with way more authority and money, are the supporters of the said issue, or mostly the issue themselves.

But despite all that, some celebrities have paved a way for themselves in the media – especially in the film industries, by having personal virtues. This could sometimes bring them backlash and doing so has constantly been a problem be it any decade.

The only difference between the earlier times and now is courage. If you have an online presence, which is usually with an audience from all walks of life who can view your account directly without any filtered out 3rd-party media in the middle, getting your voice heard becomes easier. 

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In social media sites like Twitter, celebrities – regardless of their position in the film industry – have a chance to influence their listeners. Thus calling out the industry on its various facades becomes less tiring, more hopeful (for a change) and impactful. 

Thus, I’ve provided a small list of celebrities who’ve managed to keep their staff up despite the “elite” industry people, and sometimes even the common folk constantly shunning them. Most don’t even provide opinions, they spit out facts – and often the truth becomes the most terrible.

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