Watch: How The World Will End According To Major Religions

Will the world come to an end?

As scary as it is to think about, the mystery associated with doomsday makes it a fascinating subject to ponder on.

Science believes that the Earth we live in came with an expiration date. Since the exact time and nature of this end is unknown, it has naturally generated many doomsday theories – both crackpot and rational.

As millennials, most of us are survivors of some of these speculative doomsdays ourselves, like the Y2K bug and the Mayan Calendar which ended in 2012.

Most religions also firmly believe that God has already written down exactly how the end of the world will unfold. They prophesy that when mankind reaches the pinnacle of the downward spiral it’s travelling in, the apocalypse will be upon us.

How exactly will this apocalypse unfurl – through catastrophic earthquakes, invasion of supernatural forces or maybe a man-made disaster? Just like how each religion has a different story explaining how the world began, their opinions regarding how it will end also differ.

Curious? Watch the video below to find out what the major religions predict doomsday will like –

Sources – CNN

Nat Geo

Image Credits – Google Images

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