Watch: Girl Gamers Of India That Are Breaking Stereotypes

Despite the trolling and misogyny that litters the path of gaming, girls are still shining! 

The people who are into gaming can name online game players within seconds, but when it comes to girl players, we can’t recall any names, can we?

Thanks to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and other Android games that made online gaming accessible to everyone, the gaming world has boomed in recent years, and the scenario is not entirely different, but it is somewhat different from what the Indian girl gamers had experienced in their early days. 

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But even around the misogyny that surrounds online games, girls are still shining, and more female players are emerging. Streaming, cosplay, so many different fields have come up, and girls are everywhere leaving their marks of victory.

Here’s a list of Indian girl gamers that you need to know about. These girls are breaking the stereotypes in this sexist online war.

A lot of girl gamers are emerging in the Esports world with different streams that no one ever imagined would exist. The coming years might completely change the shape of Indian Esports, and we are all up for that!

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