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It’s been so long since any of us have enjoyed the pleasures of going to a movie theatre. But since we have no other option, it’s better to make the best of what we can while sitting in our rooms.

Watching movies with friends and family is one of the most relaxing things for me, especially when you have to stay locked in most of the time. I remember calling up one of my friends crying over how I wish we could go watch a movie together and she replied, “Dude, we still can!”

Since then, I haven’t stopped using TwoSeven. 

TwoSeven is an extension just like Netflix Party but with so many more options. For those of you who don’t know what Netflix Party is, it is an extension through which you can synchronize your screen with anyone you want and chat while binge-watching together. 

And TwoSeven is just another extension, except that it offers a much well-rounded package where you can chat, audio call and even video call while sharing a screen. 

Here you can watch videos from a multitude of platforms – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, HBO, YouTube and even personal videos. Some other platforms available are only offered to premium members.

Here’s how I added the extension:

1. Open Google and search ‘TwoSeven’ and click on the first link in search results.

2. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ and ‘Add Extension’.

3. A green icon with ’27’ written on it will appear in the upper right corner of your screen, open TwoSeven and get started. Login with any email ID you have.

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4. You can continue watching on any platform, just create and share a room with your friends.

After your friends have joined, this is what your mini-home-theatre would look like:

If you don’t like this dark theme, don’t worry. Just turn off the night mode from the settings section.

Let us know in the comments if you have used TwoSeven and what was your experience.

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