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The quarantine can be boring and movies and series are the things we lean on.

However, what if your Netflix or Amazon Prime account expires and you can’t get it recharged (spending money on these may seem a little unwanted in times of economic depression)? 

There may be a situation where your favourite movie isn’t available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. This is a real problem but we aren’t here to discuss problems. Here, we have brought not one but various solutions for you.

Let me tell you about my struggle!

Some days back, I was trying to watch one of my favourites, Me Before You. The movie starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin has my heart and I would be right to say that many people would have watched it again and again by now. 

Being a fan of Sam, I wanted to watch this movie badly and quarantine was my time to rise and shine. I fired up my laptop, logged into my Amazon Prime account however, to my utter dismay, it wasn’t available there. 

I don’t have a Netflix account which meant that my dream of watching that movie was shattered. However, I didn’t back off. Rather, I searched for other options on the internet and I was welcomed by a plethora of portals which were willing to provide free of cost online streaming.

If you have suffered the same fate, here is your key to the world of free movies.

1. FMovies

FMovies is the God of free streaming. It is a web portal which has probably all Hollywood movies at your disposal however, lately the website link has been blocked. There is a proxy link, (sounds crazy, right!) which can be used to access the website.

2. Free Movie 7 is a website similar to FMovies and luckily, it also has a large collection of Hollywood movies that you can easily watch for free. Let alone subscription, not even log in is needed for using this website. It has glitches at times but otherwise, it is one of the best options to stream movies online for free.

3. GoMovies is a fine substitute for FMovies as some internet service providers have banned it. GoMovies has a wide range of movies and is very unlikely to disappoint you and keep you from watching your favourite one.

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4. 123Movies

123 Movies is also an option if you want to watch a movie for free online. However, it is very slow and its server is down various times. It is maybe painstaking to watch a movie on this website.

5. Yes Movies is also a good website however, advertisements and pop-ups are painful while using this website. Also, the movies available are very limited and it may so happen that you are unable to find your favourite one. 

Since you now have the solution, what are you waiting for? Go and watch your favourite movie and enjoy quarantine.

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