Watch: Five Less Explored Places In Kerala You Should Totally Visit

Have you been to these places in "God's own country"?

Kerala is a popular tourist destination, loved by people all across the world. Everyone is familiar with the pleasant tropical climate, vast beaches, backwaters, green hill stations, and the peculiar art forms that mark Kerala as one of the leading destinations on the world tourism map.

The National Geographic Traveler Magazine has chosen Kerala as “One of the ten Paradises of the world” and also included Kerala in its list of ’50 of the world’s top destinations.

However, there are some less popular destinations in Kerala which are totally worth it, especially if you want to connect with the cultural and historical landscape of the place along with its natural beauty.

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In this video, we are looking at some of those beautiful, less explored places in the state you should check out if “God’s own country” is on your travel bucket list.

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