Watch: Evolution Of The Red Lipstick: From Historic Times To Now

Give a girl the right shade of red and she will conquer the world. Red lipstick symbolises boldness, a defiant beauty statement, the legacy of which still lives on.

By wearing red lipstick, protesters all over the world have tapped into the power of rebellion, integrity and empowerment like the American suffrage movement plumbed over a century ago.

Red lipstick is one of the most integral parts of a woman’s makeup bag. Today, a scarlet pout is one of the most powerful symbols of beauty in the world.

But have you ever considered where the iconic beauty product came from?

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Here’s the evolution of red lipstick from prehistoric times:

The history of red lipstick is a colourful, tumultuous one, charged with centuries of significance. It’s chic, elegant and feminine yet bold, defiant and powerful at the same time.

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