Watch: 8 Sexual Buildings Found Worldwide

Too hot to handle!

You must have seen humans getting naughty all the time! But what about buildings? Have they ever gone naughty in front of you?

Well, this is not something new! So much so that these buildings have led to the christening of two new categories of design known as phallic and yonic architecture.

You must have guessed it from the names. One of them includes buildings, towers, skyscrapers built in the shape of phallus or male genitals. The other set of buildings consists of projects that resemble the vagina or vulva.

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However, no architect has admitted having constructed the buildings in those shapes consciously. Many have outrightly rejected these claims. Others do not take such accusations seriously.

Conscious or not, these shapes are too distinct to be ignored or sidelined. So we bring you eight such sexual buildings that are too hot to handle!

Could you see the notorious resemblance? Let us know in the comments section.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, The Times of India

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