Watch: 8 Mind-Bending Space Facts We Bet You Did Not Know

Did you know that the sun constitutes 99% of the entire solar system’s mass alone? Or that the moon that appears to be a sphere is actually lemon-shaped?

Space and the universe have always been a topic of fascination. And why not, considering the vast possibilities of this infinite universe, you never know what all the space above might have in store for us.

The vastness of the space makes it home to some very weird concepts, phenomena, and objects that mankind is yet to discover. It is believed that if we unlock the full potential of space then the discoveries might be even crazier than those shown in sci-fi movies.

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So if you’re a know-it-all of space then there might be some mind-bending facts for you that we bet you did not know of yet. And, if you are someone who is a newbie space enthusiast then the video below might just be a treat for you. Find some crazy yet mind-bending space facts in the video below.

Hope your entire astronaut enjoyed reading this and might be the next one to hop on a spacecraft, exploring the anomalies of space.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Insider, Space, NASA +more

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