The power of social media has increased manifold in the last few years. By connecting with different people within a few seconds, social media has helped many people to voice and create useful content. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have particularly helped social media bloggers share their lifestyles and daily routines. Hanisha Sharma, one of the top female influencers in Dubai’s social media, has established a lot of her followers on Instagram and Tiktok, and has also gained a lot of popularity. There is a wide base of popularity and support on social media. Her stories and posts are seen by many people around the world and it is her creativity that has helped him achieve so much success.

Ever since Hanisha Sharma started posting on Instagram, she has become a lot of followers and then she realized how much she is liked on social media, so she tried even more and made her presence everywhere Decided to make it happen.

Hanisha Sharma is a happy woman who lives to make her dreams come true, she har a passion to make her dreams come true, she wants to achieve success in every field, be it modeling or fashion designing. She is also a state-level tennis player, and author of children’s books. She did her MBA in Finance and is now pursuing her PhD in the same. Hanisha Sharma received her fashion designer training from Anna Malai University. She is currently an Indian in Dubai and globally acclaimed, who not only knows about decorative wedding dresses, but is also known for her tireless contribution to sustainable fashion.

Hanisha Sharma is a social worker and an inspirational woman who awakens women, she makes every effort to help women. Her goal is to end the atrocities against women in the country and society, she is a self-made woman who lives in a country like Dubai today, is making her dreams come true and is struggling to achieve her goals.

However, women are definitely being encouraged by Hanisha Sharma to pursue realistic goals and not feel ashamed to reveal their true selves. Similarly, she has become a successful tiktok producer, hardworking and inspiring woman, positively impacting her fans and followers. Indulging in creative practices and a healthy lifestyle, she aspires to become better at sports and devote more time as a tennis player. she is ready to fly high and reach the heights of success and happiness in the long run, to stay connected with her roots and pursue them with determination!



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