Watch: 5 Ramsay Brothers Movies That Fall Under The So-Bad-It-Is-Good Genre

An ode to the worst ones of the kind!

Horror movies and Indian cinema have a very complicated relationship. But have you thought, why? For me, it was the classics of the Ramsay brothers that ruined my whole experience of watching a Hindi horror movie.

Hey, you can call them out on their grotty wig or make-up, over-the-top item songs, and bad acting! But at the same time, one cannot deny the fact that they constituted a major chunk of Indian movies in the genre of ‘horror’.

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Ramsay brothers and their infamous horror movies have been able to find their audience in the old and young alike. In fact, some of the films, including Purani Haveli and Veerana, have been termed as classics by some film critics.

However, you will also have to accept that some of them were entirely intolerable ones? This video is an ode to those films. To know more, watch our video!

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