Watch: 5 Indian Rock Bands You Need To Know About

Someone once said that music is food for the soul and how correct they were. Music unites the world in unexpected ways transcending boundaries and language barriers.

Despacito became the world’s anthem despite more than three-fourths of us not knowing how to pronounce the words or what the song means.

TikTok and Instagram reels definitely help young and unknown artists to go “viral” which is definitely mutually benefitting both the artist and us as their audience.

Olivia Rodrigo’s life changed drastically after Driver’s License received the praise and love it deserves and let us not talk about how beneficial TikTok has been for Doja Cat’s career.

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But what about when rock was the leading genre instead of pop? Classic rock bands such as Queen and The Beatles ruled the world.

I could list almost 10 rock bands that do not have Indian origins that have made a huge impact on global music scenes. However, let us talk about the ones that have changed Indian rock as we know it. 

Indian Rock bands have been around for as long as all the others. It is high time that we give them and their music the same love and affection we have reserved for the foreign bands.

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