Watch: 5 Gross And Shocking Items Sold In The Illegal Wildlife Market Of China

Wet markets are breeding grounds for various diseases!

The breeding ground for various diseases, the infamous wet China market is known for selling exotic animals.

Why it is referred to as the ‘wet’ market?

Live fishes splash water all over the floor. The countertops are red with blood as fish are gutted in front of the customers’ eyes. Melting ice adds to the wetness. There’s plenty of water, blood and chicken guts splattered across the floor. Things are wet!

Did you know?

In China, consumption of wild exotic animals is viewed as a symbol of wealth and status. Yes! They link every animal part to a traditional myth about treating an ailment as wild animals are a natural source of certain nutrients and that’s how nature meant it to be.

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The items sold in the illegal wildlife market are-
  • Bile and gall bladder of live bear
  • Bulls’ penis
  • Crocodile
  • Peacock
  • Tiger
  • Skinned rodents
  • Lollipop bats

To find out more about the 5 gross and shocking items on the list, check out the video below –

Most shocking of them ALl are tigers!

They are critically endangered and only 3500 remain in the wild worldwide. However, that doesn’t stop the Chinese from enjoying the tiger wine.

In addition to the crazy menu list, the condition in which the animals are kept is the reason for such deadly virus creation. Wild and exotic animals are stacked on top or next to domesticated species in an environment that weakens the animals’ immune systems, leading to a mix of genetic code that can spread from one species to another, ultimately making the jump from animals to humans.

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Source- Economic Times, The Hill, The Week

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