2019 is truly the year of cinema and art. It is the year which has made all us millennials nostalgic. With the release of Endgame, everyone’s expectations for the year are set high.

The ride of nostalgia doesn’t stop here, 2019 has more to offer. If you are a 90’s kid, these upcoming movies are sure to get your heart rate up and might even make you cry.  Make sure you carry enough tissues.

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I know like every millennial you must be super excited, after all, who doesn’t like a ride down the memory lane.

I would suggest that you mark the dates in your calendar already. To help you out, I have made a list of 10 upcoming movies with their release dates.

The video covers 10 upcoming movies which are a must watch for every millennial.  

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Let me know in the comments if these upcoming movies are on your must-watch list as well.

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