A while ago I was browsing through YouTube videos, desperately searching for something to escape from boredom. I clicked on a random video and an ad started. Usually, I can’t wait to tap the ‘skip ad’ button but the content of the video managed to hook me within a short span of 5 seconds. 

Youtube Channel ‘ Vitamin Stree’

The ad was promoting the YouTube channel ‘Vitamin Stree’. The 5-second clip talked about women’s clothing and how impractical they are. Shopping for clothes has always been an anxious and stress-inducing activity for me but before this video, I hadn’t given the matter much thought. 

I am good at avoiding things and back then I had convinced myself to just live with it, there are more troubling issues than ‘finding jeans that fit’. But watching them talk about how women’s clothing is designed keeping only fashion in mind and not comfort, made me think about this topic.

Dealing With Women’s Clothing

I began recalling my history with jeans, how most of them hate my legs and thighs, how so many scratchy and uncomfortable fabrics make huge red imprints on my skin even if I wear them for a short while and how I have to look for belts in men’s section sometimes because the belts for women are just embossed with stones and beads that look cool but don’t do the actual work of holding the pants properly. 

The channel highlights the need to sew the gap between fashion and comfort

So, I began my journey of binge-watching all the content the channel had to offer. I thought I had discovered a treasure trove. This is the first Indian youTube channel I encountered that talked about all the issues that plague a woman’s everyday life. The channel discussed it in a playful manner but without the cringe-worthy jokes. It resonated with me on every level and I feel that more people should know about it.

Why Men And Women Should Watch It?

Some men want to support feminism and they think they’re doing enough. However, there are so many subtle ways women are discriminated against, about which men are either unaware of or fail to notice, like how our languages reek of sexism (just do a tally of all the ‘Gallies‘ you know), how media strengthens our patriarchal beliefs, how we are asked to do certain tasks that men never bother with as they fall under our designated job description of ‘Maid’.

The channel tries to explain consent and other important things in a relationship

And then there is the C-word, ‘ consent’, a term most men find so mysterious and befuddling that they feel attacked when women complain about feeling violated in any way.
A lot of women also don’t understand the concepts of feminism, and this is often due to them not wanting to face how this world has wronged them or they are in the thick about such matters.

So, for all the ignorant herd and for all the people who want to see their afflictions being voiced on a public platform, this is a worthy channel that deserves some attention.

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What Makes It interesting?

Apart from the plethora of present-day issues that they cover, the channel also holds your attention with its creative way of visually representing the problems and scenarios by using craft supplies and other miniature objects.

The channel uses creative ways to showcase different problems

Available In Hindi Too

A lot of fans suggested that the channel should also make their videos available in Hindi in order to reach more people, especially the poorer sections where English stands as a hurdle in their knowledge gaining process. They have talked in length about menstruation, birth control, etc but awareness about these things is needed more in rural areas where women still shy away if they hear the word ‘Periods’. 

The videos are dubbed in Hindi

They listened to the suggestions and the channel made their new video series about Period surveys in Hindi and English.

Women Sharing Their Experiences

Another video series called “Pills The Beans” by the channel features women like Rytasha Rathore who talks about body positivity, Zoya Khan who talks about being Bipolar and Durga Gawde who enlightens people about Gender Fluidity. Here, ‘womaniyas‘ opens up about all their ‘Mushkils‘ and ‘Sankats‘.

Rytasha Rathore talking about Body Positivity

If I had heard Rytasha’s comment about just being comfortable with your body, not loving or hating it, I think it might have cured my insecurities earlier.

Channels like these can play a significant role in influencing and educating people and taking away the reluctance that comes from speaking about taboo topics like menstrual cups, abortions, etc. 

I recommend it wholeheartedly but you can watch their videos and judge for yourself.

I believe they have the ability to bring about some change, what do you think?

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