VisionIAS, a premier research and training organization, conducted the 2nd test of its annual nationwide test series, Abhyaas, on 23rd April. The Abhyaas Tests are designed to mimic the UPSC Prelims exam experience for students. They are administered in two shifts morning and afternoon (GS & CSAT paper) in more than 170 centers across the country in the offline mode.   

The test witnessed the participation of more than 28000 aspirants who put their knowledge, abilities, and efforts to assess their preparedness for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination scheduled on 28th May 2023.

The period of one month before the UPSC Prelims examination is the most critical phase as this is the time when students give a final shape to their preparation by working out the chinks in their armor and fine-tuning their score maximization strategies.

In a simulated environment, students got the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of their problem-solving skills and exam-taking temperament. Through Abhyaas Tests, they were able to test various strategies for maximizing their score, such as increasing the number of attempted questions, smart question selection, utilizing elimination techniques, and intelligent option selection to arrive at the most probable answer. 

Such techniques can significantly impact the final score and improve the likelihood of passing the Prelims examination.

Regularly solving mock tests is crucial for UPSC prelims success as it helps students comprehend exam patterns, identify their strengths and shortcomings, and gain confidence. They also assist in efficient time management and enable better revision and retention of syllabi.  

Abhyaas Prelims is an innovative assessment solution that precisely simulates the UPSC exam environment, including the challenges that candidates commonly face during the exam.

In a short span of time, this Test Series has become the gold standard for UPSC prelims preparedness assessment and readiness with its rigorous testing and assessment framework at the student doorsteps. 

In addition to assessing students’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude, the test series also evaluates their mental and psychological readiness for the prelims exam by helping them manage exam-induced stress and anxiety, leading to improved performance on the day of the actual exam.

Students came to Test Centres from distant and neighboring regions. They were accompanied by their friends and family who not only waited for the completion of the exam but also provided motivation and emotional support to the students. 

Post-exam, students shared their exam experience and equated Abhyaas Test 2 close to UPSC standards with adequate focus given to important syllabus themes including current affairs.

One visible change that was observed was the increased confidence and comfort level of students taking the Abhyaas Test- 2. The fear of the unknown was removed from students’ minds as they had become familiar with and used to the exam conditions and its requirements during the previous test. 

They also realized the significance of holistic preparation with adequate attention to all the papers and subjects for better performance in the exam, especially the CSAT Paper which often gets relegated to second place in front of the GS paper. 

Abhyaas Test-2 results would be declared on the VisionIAS website at 10:00 PM on 27th April 2023. This would provide the All-India Rankings of students reflecting their comparative standing among their peers which works as a motivating factor for further improvement in the upcoming tests. 

Test discussions will be conducted separately for English and Hindi medium students, covering both the papers, i.e the General Studies and CSAT from 28th April to 1st May 2023. This can help students gain valuable insights into their preparation approach and validate its effectiveness. 

VisionIAS offers a dedicated and high-quality mentoring program that provides personalized and effective solutions to students’ preparation-related queries and concerns. Students who participate in this dynamic mentoring ecosystem can receive guidance and support from experienced mentors to help them refine their preparation strategies.

Abhyaas Test 3 would be held on 7th May across all the Centres.  This is the last test in the Series which would give the final push to students before they appear for the UPSC Prelims examination on 28th May. This would also fill them with confidence and make them exam-ready. 

VisionIAS has demonstrated its capacity to handle complex and challenging exercises such as Abhyaas Prelims with ease, showcasing its institutional capabilities. The organization’s values system is based on innovation, creative thinking, empathetic learning, inclusivity, integrity, and teamwork, which form the foundation of its operations. 

The successful completion of Abhyaas Prelims Test-2 across India is a direct result of VisionIAS’s unwavering commitment to these core values and their integration into their initiatives and ecosystem. 

VisionIAS has created an innovation-driven, technology-centric comprehensive learning environment, consisting of student-friendly classroom programs, an innovative assessment system, and a dynamic, multi-dimensional mentoring program, which has helped thousands of aspirants from all over India achieve their goal of joining the esteemed Indian Civil Services.

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