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Viral Video Of Indian Jawan Gives The Most Kickass Poetic Response For The Uri Attack By Militants


Amitabh Bachchan wrote a really heartfelt and seemingly progressive letter to his daughters, and people were applauding his creative talents.

But perhaps more deserving of those praises is this Indian jawan, who gave the most apt and kickass response to the militants and Pakistan, on the topic of the Uri attack.

And that too in a wonderfully written poem.

It had rhythm, it had flow and it touched the hearts of every Indian, who is boiling with anger over the brutish and violent attacks on the army base in Uri.

Till now, as according to the death count, eighteen soldiers were murdered by militants in an unforeseen attack at the army camp based in Uri area of Baramulla district on the early morning of Sunday the 18th of September 2016.


The thing that makes me the most furious of all was the back-handedness and secrecy of the attack.

I mean, it wasn’t even a fully fledged war, at least there you know that the other person is the enemy, and both are adequately armed with weapons and in that mindset.

In the midst of all this, this poetic response by this Indian Jawan, is the perfect response to our enemies.

That just because we might seem soft, or not the ones who shoot first think later, does not mean that we won’t ever raise arms.

And that if we ever do raise it, then our enemies should be beware, as we will completely destroy our enemies.


But in order to do that, first India must join together, and unite and show support in this time.

But alas, it seems that the who’s who of the country, only come out of their corners, when there is something juicy and gossipy to talk about.

Shobha De has till now, not even tweeted a single thing, not one single tweet offering condolences to the martyred Jawans.

When it was Kanhaiya Kumar or Amir Khan, then people rushed in by hordes, either to defend them or attack them.

Hash tags were made, people rallied and broke social media talking about it.

However when it is the point of just eighteen measly lives of soldiers who protect our country, then no one bothers to even pick up their smart phones and do at the very least create a hash tag about it.

Even now, this video, has barely been covered and definitely not by any of the top news channels or online publications.

This complacency and utter lack of anger over the lives lost, is frankly, just sad when you think about it because it highlights, how shallow and hypocritical we can be.

I mean, we can get all up in arms over the smallest of things, Amir Khan said India is intolerant, oh my god, people are boycotting his movies, telling him to move out of the country.

There was so much chatter and fury over his statements.

Then pray do tell, where is that anger and fury now?

Why is my Twitter or Facebook feed not filled with angry rants of people displaying their emotions over what has happened?

Signing off, I would just like to say that, this only further pushes the point that how easy it is to latch onto entertaining news, whereas when such incidents come about, then no one is around to give voice to it.

Image Credits: Google Images

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