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Vigneto Home Luxury, a tableware brand, envisions bringing an aesthetic revolution to the tableware industry


Ahmedabad, December 17: When it comes to dining, we can all agree it’s not just about the food we eat, but also about the dinnerware used when eating; a segment that has recently sparked a revolution in India’s home décor industry. Various new brands are emerging, either serving luxury or affordability.

On the other hand, Vigneto’s Home Luxury, a premium tableware brand, prides itself on offering crockery that is not only affordably priced but also of the finest calibre and that exudes luxury.

All about Vigneto

A luxury tableware line with designs influenced by vintage English aesthetics fused with Indian art is the forte of the premium tableware brand Vigneto. The brand’s mission is to provide an exceptional and timeless tableware collection to the urban Indian populace by offering products made of the finest premium porcelain and excellent bone china. The previously severely limited possibilities in the tableware industry are now greatly enlarged by Vigneto Luxury, which is accessible on various offline and online platforms.

Journey of Harsh Gupta as the Founder of Vigneto

Harsh Gupta, a man with an aesthetic vision and business head, founded Vigneto in 2021 while pursuing his master’s degree in business from IIM Bangalore. He earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. During his internship, he realized that an online presence provides maximum opportunities for any business and that the crockery industry lacks that presence. This opportunity and his love for aesthetics prompted him to work on bringing high-quality, luxurious tableware at the most accessible price range in the Indian market. This concept became Vigneto, which received a high level of appreciation from its customers quickly due to the products’ artistic detailing and exclusive quality.


Products and specialities of Vigneto

From all the materials this industry has, Vigneto offers the best selection of tableware created with the finest premium porcelain – one of the healthiest materials to use and consume. Even without using animal bone ash in the majority of its products, Vigneto has been able to master the process of providing the finest quality, non-porous and chip-resistant crockery.

The Greeks undoubtedly cherished ceramics because of the skilled paintings decorating their surfaces. The detailing that Vigneto’s tableware is decorated with is reminiscent of Greek art’s beauty, intricacies and perfection!

“Not all luxurious things in the world are super expensive” is the company’s guiding principle. The products are sourced directly from the manufacturers, eliminating all additional expenses and burdens, enabling the brand to offer its consumers the best detailed and luxurious sets at the most competitive prices. Their top-notch, exquisite, designer tableware, influenced by Indian aesthetics and art, is designed to improve the clients’ everyday dining and gifting experiences.

This tableware is perfect for those who want to create a serene, Zen-like environment in their homes as they highlight their food creations with Bone-China-embellished crockery. The tableware is made from premium, hand-painted porcelain and is intended to last many years as you use them to serve delectable meals to your loved ones.

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