Ahmedabad, December 17: It is no secret to anyone that Swiss culture is known for its fine chocolates and luxury watchmaking, but in addition to that, it is a country of passionate and disciplined people that represents the model Marie Breguet and businesswoman who has undertaken her own company in Miami dedicated to hospitality focused on Hospitality service for different venues, restaurants, and clubs. Event planner in Miami.

Doing yachts as well as luxury cars and mansions. She has been working tirelessly as a young woman with a strong desire to improve daily in the various facets and meanings of life and to use her position and work to bring a beneficial grain of sand to society. Before making news in the business sector, she dominated the modelling industry as a Swiss model.

In Miami, Florida, the name Marie Breguet has become prominent in the entertainment industry. She admits that relocating to Miami from Switzerland inspired her to try a new way of life, where she discovered a passion for the entertainment business.

She engaged herself in other cultures while travelling and picked up languages, including German, Spanish, French, and English, which aided her global perspective. In the entertainment industry, she excelled in hosting events and guests.

She is steadily rising to the top of the entertainment world and establishing herself as a dynamic multi-entrepreneur dedicated to her goals of inspiring greatness and innovations in all of her endeavours.


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