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Veteran Led Startup Streamlines Capital Projects with Blockchain Technology


Public Bloc, yes, that is the name. For years, the construction industry has been looking for ways of optimizing output with minimal resources. There have been different tools – both physical and technological, employed to reach this end. However, results have been mixed especially for downstream customers.

Now the good news – Public Bloc has created powerful solution for issues associated with capital projects.

Public Bloc

This African American founded software company might be a startup. However, led by experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies headed by Ali Akil, former IBM executive and an U.S. Army Veteran, and Co-Founder Hamzah El-Amin a global trade specialist and deal maker, Ali, the companies chief vision officer, says the company is focused on increasing productivity through automation and blockchain technology for construction companies, with their first product Project Bloc.

Aside from the financial industry, the construction industry is the largest industry in the world. The problem with it is that most startup companies shy away because of the high-level risk and challenges to setup a successful project; including stages with the bid process, securing the contract, allocation of duties, and several agreement processes. Some other acts of which includes the lack of transparency, inefficient financial tracking, and harmful policies all play a role in reducing the efficiency of these construction setups. Hence, more companies avoid the total opportunity.

Coronavirus created an all-inclusive playing field especially for small companies

Enters COVID-19. The pandemic has pushed many businesses into looking for alternative and better ways to sell their products and improve their productivity. Since this pandemic has also affected the construction industry, contractors are now being saddle with more risk. Access to bonding, in a pre-pandemic world was concern particularly for small and medium-sized firms, continues to present a challenge. However, the inability to provide a bond or not having enough capacity is even more of a hinderance during the time of Covid. “Supporting the efforts of small and medium – sized contractors to become more operationally efficient can help better position them to achieve bondability, increase their bonding capacity and win more work particularly in this difficult environment.” – Melinda Childs, Strategy Officer of Public Bloc

The U.S. federal government, state, and local governments have, over the years, laid down laws that could help small to medium business owners achieve their contracting goals and reduce instances of pass-through entities.

However, despite everything and every law put in place by the government, there has been little or no change. There are still some anomalies in managing projects and properly tracking transactions. These problems are the reason blockchain technology is viewed as a miracle of The company’s time. The technology has brought accountability and improved workflows to daily activities for disparate workforces.

Public Bloc has come up with a unique way of applying blockchain technology through its revolutionary product Project Bloc. This helps project owners vertically integrate their disjointed projects—allowing project owners to incorporate their ESG (Environmental Social and Corporate Governance) framework into each project. “This allows the inclusion of minority businesses or contractors throughout the entire life cycle of a project from procurement to completion and maintenance”- Julius Mania Chief Impact Officer (CIO) of Public Bloc.

It means that there no longer a need to wait till the end of one quarter or a whole year before data can be retrieved or processed on a particular project – data is captured and displayed in real-time! Since the blockchain technology from Public Bloc greatly influences protocols and workflows, there is a need for sufficient data and proper compliance, especially during the procurement process. As a minority contractor, the blockchain tech allows for smart contracts which carry terms that are strictly adhered to as long as they meet the conditions.

Time to unleash the ‘essential technology’

Essential technology includes industries like agriculture, health, manufacturing, science, renewable tech, and of course, the construction industry.

For the world to drive towards the hard road of global prosperity, there is a need for both reliable and practical blockchain technology techniques that cater to the essential workers.

The company’s global labor force would be optimized and become more skilled and knowledgeable. So, even small contractors can perform better through protocols and verification of the completed task. “Ultimately, this will foster continuous communication and collaboration on job sites” – Jamar Smith, Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Before the pandemic, investors continually focused on the network effect tech companies that lure consumers; however, with the arrival of companies like Public Bloc, that can provide solutions like Project Bloc, investors can switch their focus to companies with reliable network data that involves support for operational preparedness, readiness of infrastructure and supply chains, which will also prove to support societies in the advent of a crisis or pandemic.

A close look at this solution from Public Bloc, “it is easy to realize that it is a fusion of innovation and superior technology helping to streamline capital projects as a whole, and that is the whole big picture, every company, every government has a capital project”- Ali Akil, Chief Vision Officer.

Important highlights

Public Bloc has garnered a reputation of trust because of its blockchain technology like Project Bloc, which has limitless applications. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has chosen to work with on a blockchain project.

That’s not all, Hamzah El-Amin, Public Bloc’s co-founder and “deal maker,” struck a deal with the Ivorian government and has developed trust for the company’s product and services. It is working in a partnership with the firm to better control and optimize projects in the country to improve output and better the lives of its citizens. Also, Thorpe Development East Smart Home Manufacture and the Association of Black Women in Construction have recently struck a partnership with Public Bloc.

The brains behind

Public Bloc is a relatively new software company built by experts who have knowledge of the blockchain technology and construction industry and have fused their ability to solve the age-long problems of accountability and productivity, especially for startup construction companies.

Ali Akil, Chief Vision Officer and Co-founder of Public Bloc, is an African American, fourth-generation U.S Army Veteran, a former U.S. Treasury Analyst, and IBM executive. He explained his long time interest in global commerce, AI, blockchain tech, and society led him to join heads with brilliant business and technical minds like Hamzah El-Amin (Co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer), Jamar Smith (Chief Technology Officer, CTO), Julius Mania (Chief Impact Officer, CIO), and Melinda Childs (Strategy Officer).


While the pandemic poses many troubles for the world economy, only companies willing to move with the trends and open to change can continue to cash out and maximize output. It is time to say yes to blockchain technology and Public Bloc solutions.

Some people might think of cryptocurrency when they hear the word blockchain. To clarify, blockchain is a technology that allows cryptocurrency to exist, but they are not the same thing.  Blockchain is an exciting, innovative technology that has tremendous potential to bring efficiency and transparency to many industry sectors.”

Media contact

Company: Public Bloc

Contact: Ali Akil, Co-founder & Chief Vision Officer

Address: 1441 L Street 12th FL, Washington D.C.

Telephone: +1 (202) 492-4389



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