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Ashu Sehrawat – The Million Dollar Stock Trader Explains How to trade in stocks


Ashu Sehrawat is one of the most inspiring stock market investor, stock trader, fund manager and Entrepreneur in India. He owns a fund management online portal manages his and other investor’s portfolio. He likes to take the risk and invest in small and unique ideas. He makes sure that his investments are valuable as he knows the importance of price and value. Many investors and traders look up to him for his suggestions and recommendations of stocks because he has a history of profitable returns on the stock of up to three hundred times. Ashu has made his million dollar fortune within very short of time due to his dedication, hardwork and hunger for growth.

Early Life

Ashu Sehrawat is a true example of a self-learning man, since childhood he was very curious about learning new things. He started his professional journey very young age.

In the year 2011 teenagers were creating facebook account to connect with their friend but Ashu created to connect influential people like Mark zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey  virtually to develop new ideas and experiment ability. After spending some time on internet he got an idea to learn Social Media Marketing himself, he created his first facebook page in 2011 and started his new practical experiments which he learned from free sources available on internet. His page was started growing slowly and after few months his page was crossed 5 million likes and generated millions of traffic. This was the turning point for Ashu, his page was become very popular on facebook and he was approached by many big corporate houses for digital marketing services.

In the year 2013 Mr. Ashu Sehrawat established his digital marketing company and started giving his self learned digital marketing services to both national and international clients. Within very short span of time it was become very reputed company in the industry. While running digital marketing business he got a stock trading project in which he his task to generate lead for a particular stock, it was very challenging to him about it was very new to him. Due to his self learning nature and dedication nature he not only completed his task but also learnt do and don’ts of it and become part time investor in stock. In the year 2015, he earned huge profits on his part time investments in stock. After few months, his interest in stock trading increased and he become full stock trading and handed over his digital marketing company to his friends. Within very short time he made his 1 million portfolio and decided to make his career in stock/Forex trading.

Now  Ashu is become an expert in Forex and Stocks Technical Analysis and currently helping thousand national and international clients globally in stock trading. He is now very famous among youth who want to make their career in stock trading. Ashu is also invited by many stock trading and management events as motivational and guest speaker. He regularly shares his tips and analysis on both electronic and print media and help future investor.

Stock Market Journey

In 2017, he started his portfolio management equity intelligence online portal and now his company manages his and other investor’s portfolios. His life changed after opening Below is the key points of

  • Investing in stock is termed as a way to invest money or capital to a business to gain profitable returns and income from the investment.
  • The main purpose of the investment of money is the hope of the growth of money in the future which is different from consuming.
  • The investment comes with a package of both losses and income.
  • To have experience of the investment, the beginners invest in the stock market.

In recent interview with Ashu he says”there are many misconceptions confusion and misunderstanding go around the investment of the stock. One of it is that the person required huge amount to start the investment and it is only for the rich people. These misconceptions lead to be non-beneficial to the inexperienced investors who decided to save a good amount of money before starting the investments. They were not aware of this fact that they can start the investment with Rs 100-500 in the stock market.”

Here is the list of the following points the  Ashu wants to explain to people who want to gain knowledge of the investment in the stock with less money

Understand Your Investor Profile

You need to focus on and understand the given three points–

Understand your financial goals.

To find out the type of returns you desire, you need to find out the answers behind the following things:

  • Purpose of your investment
  • Usage of funds
  • Savings for the retirement
  • Purchase a House
  • Creation of Corpus for the Children education

Determine Your Risk Tolerance.

To select the right type of investments or stocks, you need to find and assess the different types of risks that include high risk, medium-high risk, medium risk, medium-low risk, low risk.

Overview Your Investment Horizon

You are required to select the stock that has reasonable returns based on your investment horizon, the stock offers good returns over 7-10 years.

Understand The Fundamentals

Before starting the investment in stocks, you need to gain the basic knowledge of the markets function and stock performances. It’s okay if you don’t have a piece of expert knowledge at stock investments in the initial stage.

Start Savings

You need to start the savings before the investment. You just need to create a budget for the monthly expenses and start saving a fixed amount every month. You can save a fixed amount according to your monthly income and expenses. For example, you can start saving Rs 500/per month.

Start Slow

You need to start the investment slowly and accelerate it at the required time. You need to find the perfect options of the stock within your budget. This will increase your savings and understandability of the market functions. You need to have the knowledge of the selection of the right portfolio of stocks based on the investor profile.

Beware Of Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks are the shares that are priced low either because of its low demand or the stage of the business failure.  Not all penny stocks are bad. Penny stocks are considered high-risk stocks and therefore it is necessary to assess the risk before the investment.

Make the Investment of Surplus Funds Carefully

In the initial stage, the investors begin with less money therefore they do not invest in many costly stocks. When they receive surplus fund or a windfall gain they try to opt for the high-priced stocks without good judgement. It is advised to such investors to make a smart and good decision in this type of situation.


In diversification, many new investors buy stocks based on the market price. They generally buy the stocks that are available at low prices. But they are advised to determine the risk factor of investing in the particular sector. Therefore, before starting the investment in the low-priced stock they need to consider diversification.

Refrain investment Based On Emotions

It is seen that a lot of investors and stockbrokers lose a lot in the market because they put emotions over practical approach. Like, if a person has invested some shares in a company and due to any market activities the price of the shares crashes. A lot of investors who work on emotions might sell off their shares at a lower price. While in that place a smart investor would wait and analyze the whole market condition and prospects before making any decision.

Indulge In Systematic Investment Plans

SIP is the new generation savings plan with a lot of security layers. The smallest amount of starting a SIP is Rs 500 while the maximum level depends on the company rules you wish to invest in. The small investments made in SIPs help in gaining exposure to the share market and thus allowing to increase the bar of the investment.

The Bottom Line

According to Ashu Sehrawat the first and the most important quality of an investor is his ability to take bold and strong decisions regarding his investments. It is also very important to keep away the emotions while making decisions regarding the investments in the share market. Also, one thing which is common these days is that a lot of people have started investing in different channels on the advice of celebrity investors. This is the latest trend however it is sometimes fatal for the people hence people should consider other channels too before investing.

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