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Vattanak Khun: CEO of 505 Group “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results: True Stories of Great Leadership”


Successful leaders are those who possess talents and know-how to use words and emotions to influence their followers to collectively create extraordinary results.   

Vattanak Khun is a young, outstanding entrepreneur who has recently received a Cambodia Young Entrepreneur Award (2017) from his excellent leadership in e-commerce and technology. Vattanak Khun, CEO of 505 Digital and founder of 505 Group, stated that human resource management is an important factor in growing and leading a business forward.  

He added that a startup business should be led by only one leader. Having two leaders working on the same job is no different from a ship having two steering wheels because they share different visions and goals.

An entrepreneur should find people with different skills to smoothly work towards the same goal together. If there is a problem in the business, someone in that workforce definitely can solve it, and everyone can assist each other along the way.  

“In fact, when I first began my own startup, I hired a qualified person to work with me, but it did not go well because we had different ways to get to the goal, continued Mr. Vattanak. “It was like trying to make crabs stay in the same basket. The result was zero. Then, I changed my thinking and hired people with a commitment to help instead. They were just ordinary people who did not have any high degrees, but we shared the same goal. Results depend on strategies: extraordinary results can come from ordinary people.”   

He added that employees or co-workers cannot avoid these three types of people: 

1) The Driver-Personality: They are people who are competent and skilled. Sometimes, an employer cannot control them because they know that they are capable and want to show off their talents.

2) The disengaged: They are skilled people, but they can easily be distracted by things that interest them the most. Others can lure them at any time.

3) The Worker: This type of people works 8 hours a day. They go to work on time and leave work on time. One does not have to explain visions and perspectives much to them.  

These three types of people can make your business successful or failed. When an individual can lead these types of people to the end goal, then he/she is an effective and powerful leader.

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