VALORANT, the first-person tactical shooter game from Riot, has a new episode coming out, named Reflection, which is set to be the third episode. 

Episode 3: Reflection

Dropping on 22nd June, at 10 AM PT, we see many many new changes, the primary of them being, a new agent, the robotic KAY/O.

KAY/O is an initiator, a spark that starts off the tactical advantage in a tactical shooter game. With its ability kit that can suppress opponents’ abilities, flashes, and explosive fragments to clear out spaces, its kit stands to potentially be the perfect initiator in-game.

The agent was first seen in the “Duality” cinematic lore

However, it is worth noting that its ultimate ability is unique in itself, for besides the energy pulses that overload it, it can be revived within 15 seconds under the overloaded frenzy state, the first agent to potentially have a second chance at life without Sage. 

The Trailer

The cinematic trailer of KAY/O has Brimstone as its commanding officer. He takes on Yoru, Cypher, Sage, Phoenix, Sova before falling to Omen’s Operator shot. 

It took several hit/miss trials to learn the gameplay of each of the agents, and eventually outsmart them with its ability toolkit and a smooth dodge of the Phoenix Curveball. 

We also get to see Reyna with her pink eyes glowing, in front of a world in ruins. The rest of the video showcased its ability usage in-game.

The most notable use being its ultimate ability to suppress Killjoy’s bots and turrets only to have Brimstone reach for the spike defuse a second late (maybe? Because the cinematic was cut short). Lastly, we see its defunct self in some lab with its headset apart from the torso. 

Machine Learning 

In case you still have not caught on to the tiny hint dropped earlier, the hit/miss trials were simulations that helped KAY/O learn how to play against Radiants (agents with supernatural abilities).

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It dies to Yoru changing angles after his teleportation, it learns from it. It then dies to Cypher’s tripwires and it sees no way out to stay alive as long as his trips were there. So, it disables Cypher’s abilities and forces him to come out and fight, only to die to Sage from another angle.

KAY/O lying defunct and simulating all scenarios

This time it disables Cypher’s trip and sets up a frag to kill Sage, post which, it is flashed by Phoenix and it dies to him.

So it reiterates the entire mechanism and manages to dodge Phoenix’s flash and kill him. He goes on to kill Sova while he was using Hunter’s Fury and then uses his Ultimate ability, NULL/cmd to secure the site. 

For the tech geeks, you can already figure out what you went through. For those of you who did not, this falls under Supervised Machine Learning, where you are negatively impacted on output, not in your favor and you reiterate the process to make sure the machine ‘learns’.

KAY/O is definitely gonna KO the gameplay style out of the park in the next episode.

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Sources: Sportskeeda, TalkEsport, Riot Games

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