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Vadym Iermolaiev opened the greatest dental clinic of Europe in Ukraine


September 2020 was marked by the great event for Dnipro city: the largest dental clinic of not only Ukraine, but the whole Europe, Amel Smart Clinic, was opened in Dnipro city. The project was invested by the famous Ukrainian businessman Vadym Iermolaiev, who admitted on his part that the great breakthrough in the development of dentistry and medical tourism was made in Dnipro city due to establishment of such state-of-the-art and a great institution.

3000 square meters and the best global medical technologies

Amel Smart Clinic is not only the state-of-the-art equipment and European quality, vast area and professional doctors. It is some kind of challenge for the foreign colleagues.

“The great breakthrough in the development of dentistry and medical tourism in Ukraine was made in Dnipro city. The greatest dental clinic throughout Europe (!) with an area of 3 thousand square meter was opened in Dnipro city, on Slavy boulevard, 2B.

What’s the unique character of it? The patient may receive the full range of dental services here, from the diagnostics to the most complicated oral surgery. The patient may undergo the maximum number of necessary medical tests, advice, and procedures without leaving the clinic, and with a probability level of 99.9% the patient may solve his/her problem in one clinic…

The European suppliers of the equipment who arrived to Amel Smart Clinic admitted that they never saw the like of it anywhere.

It has long been known that Amel Medical Group is the innovators which brought the most advanced global standards to Ukraine, but now it challenged the European colleagues”, Vadym Iermolaiev, the project investor wrote on his Facebook page. 

Amel Smart is the territory of health

As mentioned earlier, the area of Amel Smart Clinic is equal to 3000 square meters, and its unique character lies not only in the scale, but also in the extensive range of the dental services provided – from diagnostics to the most complicated oral surgery.

There are 23 offices in the clinic, where 150 people find the individual comprehensive approach to each patient work.

The adjacent professionals whose advice and help may be necessary during reference to the dentist also work at Amel Smart. In particular, there is the Otolaryngology Department, as well as fully equipped departments of surgery, anaesthesiology and rehabilitation. Highly specialized doctors see the patients in the clinic: therapists, surgeons, restorative clinicians, anesthesiologist, periodontists, endodontists, pediatricians, and orthodontists.

Family-friendly health and aesthetic stomatology centre

Huge staff of the professionals and complex of the advanced equipment enable to solve any problems related to oral cavity diagnostics, tooth decay and gingivae diseases treatment, teeth extraction and dental implantation, dental restoration, bite correction etc. from patients of any age.

Key areas of activities of Amel Smart centre:

  • 3D diagnostics;
  • baby teeth treatment;
  • permanent teeth treatment;
  • root canals treatment under the microscope;
  • periodontology – gingivae treatment;
  • oral and maxillofacial and ENT surgery;
  • orthodontology;
  • aesthetic stomatology;
  • dental implantation;
  • whitening

Children’s dentistry in the clinic is a special department. There are many professionals with high experience in work with children. They use a creative approach to work, providing the efficient communication with the child and ensuring the child’s psychological comfort. Well-experienced doctors choose the safe solutions for teeth protection; they use the computer anesthesia and sedation – treatment without fear and stress! 

Digital equipment of the best global brands and top-notch computer 3d-technologies

There are two minimum exposure dose tomographs in the clinic; even pregnant women may undergo examination here without damage to their health.

The work of the clinic is completely arranged in accordance with the digital protocol.

It is worth pointing out that Amel Smart has its own dental technical laboratory, Amel CAD/CAM LAB, equipped with optic dental surveyors, instruments for 3D-simulation, 3D-printers, and other digital equipment. Such facilities enable the dental prostheses of any complexity within the accuracy of 15 microns.

Moreover, the clinic has its own training centre, Amel Academy, where all employees of Amel Smart improve their proficiency on an ongoing basis.

Work with premium class materials is a pledge of quality and beautiful patient’s smile

Professionals of the Amel Smart clinic keep strict infection control, storage conditions, and multilevel system of the instruments cleaning. Moreover, they use the premium class materials in their work, which guarantee the fine quality of the finished goods. The products of the brands Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany), Dentsply Sirona (Germany), and Kuraray Noritake (Japan) are used in the clinic. Dental rebuilding procedures completed with the use of these materials delight patients and doctors with perfect appearance, strength and durability, so the patients receive the warranty for all works performed.

Lifting the veil, it should be mentioned that Amel Smart Clinic is not the only and hardly the last such ambitious project implemented in Dnipro city. It is planned to open another larger functional dental clinic for 40 working offices and 4 surgery rooms which will be located on the left bank of the city in 2022.


Vadym Iermolaiev is a famous Ukrainian businessman and investor, chairman of the Council of “Alef” corporation incorporating more than dozen of independent cross-sectional businesses. Over the course of many years Vadym Iermolaiev has been standing proudly among top-class Ukrainian businessmen who implement their projects successfully and establish the European-level innovative enterprises, and this allows bringing the Ukrainian products to the global market. From apples growing to dental implants production – currently the “Alef” corporation incorporates about dozen of the enterprises covering absolutely various scopes of activity:

  • manufacturing of the construction material: UDK (autoclaved aerated concrete), MIROPLAST (PVC-profile), AXOR Industry (window and door furniture);
  • construction of the residential, office and commercial real estate: Alef Estate;
  • production of sunflower oil and fodder concentrate for farm animals: “Potoky”;
  • apples growing for export: “The Dnipro Gardens” (“Sady Dnipra”);
  • production of seamless pipes: “Oscar”;
  • production of dental implants: ABM Technology;
  • dealing and maintenance of the agricultural machinery from the company Case: “Agroaliance”.

Commercial construction is one of the activity areas of the “Alef” corporation, thanks to which Vadym Iermolaiev became the leading developer of Dnipro city. The project of construction of the first large Shopping Mall “New Center (Novyi Tsentr)” was implemented in 2004, and the biggest Shopping Mall of Ukraine “MOST-City” by that time was constructed in Dnipro city as early as in 2006. In addition, the company also implemented such projects in Dnipro city as the Multi-purpose complex “Cascade Plaza”, shopping and business complex “Bosphorus”, and business centres “Enigma” and “Prism”.

Moreover, the businessman is the creator and investor of Katerynoslavskyi boulevard – cultural pedestrian area in the historic centre of Dnipro city.

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