Well, the end of 2017 at least. And what a year it’s been! ISRO launched 104 satellites, silver medal victory for P. V. Sindhu at the World Badminton Championships, ‘Newton’ was declared as India’s official entry to the Oscars and Trump got elected as President (yay).

We had our share of ups and downs, all perfectly captured by our favourite pun-ny newspaper cartoon, Amul.

Starting all the way back in 1976, Amul cartoons are our shot-sized dose of the news highlights, with a buttery twist.

There are only so many dairy-puns that one can come up with, yet somehow Amul manages to pull them off.

Every. Single. Time.

The creative geniuses behind the cartoons are just 3 people – Rahul daCunha, the creative head of daCunha Communications, copywriter Manish Jhaveri, and Jayant Rane, the artist who has been sketching Amul cartoons for a quarter-century now.

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With just 3 months left till we begin the new year, let’s take a look back in time through a buttered window.


Amul - DHONing a New Role

M. S. Dhoni steps down as ODI & T20 Captain

Amul - Executive out-of-order?

US President’s ban on immigrants


Amul - IS ROZ itihaas banna!

ISRO deployed 104 satellites together

Amul - Makhan La La, sunlight ho ya Moonlight!

Goof-up at the Oscars


Amul - Krodhside Romeo!

UP Government’s women safety initiative


Amul - Yeh Kabhi Na Ruka Haar Ke

Tribute to one of Hindi cinema’s favourite superstars, Vinod Khanna


Amul - Baaho Se Belly Thak

Bahubali: The movie that broke all box office records. 


Amul - ISRO Rocks It!

New ‘Made in India’ satellite launched

Amul - Father of all matches!

The much awaited mega India-Pakistan final


Amul - Easy to diGST!

GST – Roll out of the government’s biggest tax reform

Amul - Kovindia!

Welcoming Ram Nath Kovind, India’s new President


Amul - Swim away from this whale!

Delhi High Court bans the Blue Whale Challenge

Amul - Barsaathi haath badhaana...

Mumbai’s floods united the city’s citizens to each other’s aid


Amul - Nayi Umang, Navy Adventure!

First Navy All-Women team to circumnavigate the globe

Amul - New turn for the Oscars!

Newton: Indian’s official entry for the 2018 Academy Awards

This year seemed to rush by, but not without some pretty memorable moments. As we’re fast-approaching the new year, let’s make the most out of the time we have ahead.

Let’s make Amul-history!

Image Credits: Amul Hits

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