Sylvester worked with Eustace Fernandes, the late art director and cartoonist to design the now iconic image of the Amul Girl with her red polka-dotted frock, matching ribbons, red shoes, big eyes and cheeky expression. One of the earliest versions of the campaign carried the tagline “Give us this day our daily bread: with Amul butter”.

The extremely known tagline of “utterly, butterly Amul” was created in parts with the “utterly Amul” being thought of by Nisha daCunha, Sylvester’s wife and her husband later on adding the “butterly” part.

Soon after the creation of the brand mascot, daCunha along with his brother Gerson set up his own ad agency in 1969 called daCunha Communications that still retains the Amul Girl mascot with them and continues to keep the campaign alive till this day.

Here we take a look at some of the most iconic ads from the mascot in wake of its creator passing away.

1. First Ever Amul Girl Ad

2. Indian Airlines Pilot Strike- 1992

3. Commonwealth Games (2010) Controversy 

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4. Jagmohan Dalmiya and BCCI

5. Hare Krishna Movement Spoof – 1969

6. Sterilisation Drive – 1980

7. Anna Hazare Hunger Strike – 2011 

8. Opening Of The Bandra-Worli Sea Link – 2009

9. Former Prime Minister Vajpayee’s Knee Surgery – 2000

10. ‘Cattle Class’ Controversy – 2009

RS Sodhi, former MD of Amul spoke about the creator’s passing saying “Indian advertising has produced many stalwarts, but his kind of personality was one in thousands.”

He further said “No other campaign has been running for this long. He has proved how you can create world-class advertising for India’s number one food brand without lots of money.”

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Sources: BBC, The Indian Express, BBC

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